Twist 5: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

It was the first sunny day in Dublin in almost a month.

And what does self decide to do?  She catches the Luas from Black Horse Station, gets off at Abbey Road, walks around a little bit, then decides to pop into Clerys, where she ends up spending almost the entire afternoon shopping for “dress-up” clothes (She didn’t think to bring any from home because, you know, she was on a residency. One’s mind is supposed to be completely focused on work)

The first saleslady self approached was a young woman who wasn’t really enthusiastic about her job but showed self an array of floaty chiffon tops and thin cardigans.  The problem is, the mediums looked baggy, and the smalls were too tight.  And she hated the peek-a-boo necklines.

She moved on to another section of the department store, where an older lady showed her an array of simple black skirts and black and beige tops.

She ended up buying a flesh-colored top and a simple, black, pencil skirt that had a kind of weave pattern:

Black Pencil Skirt Self Bought From Clery's Today

Black Pencil Skirt Self Bought From Clerys Today

Top From Clery's:  It reminded self of the Filipino patadyong.

Top From Clerys: It reminded self of the Filipino patadyong.

Finally, since we are on the subject of “twists,” here is self’s go-to cardigan of the moment.  Ironically, it came from Baguio, and she’s owned it for about 20 years:

One of self's favorite items of clothing is this heavy cardigan, knit in Baguio.  She's owned it for at least 20 years.

One of self’s favorite items of clothing is this heavy cardigan, knit in Baguio. It’s gotten very hard use here in Ireland.

Tomorrow, 8 a.m., self takes the ferry to Hollyhood, Wales.  She asked someone what the ferry ride was like.  The answer:  “Depends on the weather.  I’ve been on rides so bad the water was pitching over the bow. I’ve had others where the water is as smooth as a plane of glass.”  Ah, the Irish have such a way with words, don’t they? The ferry ride is 3 1/2 hours.  Self prays the water is not “pitching over the bow.”

Must be why she began yet another short story last night.  She was up until the wee hours, writing.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.


Twist 4: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Shortly before leaving for Ireland, self wandered over to the Cantor Art Center on the Stanford campus, where she took these shots.  Gerald B. Cantor, who donated the funds, was someone self interviewed when she was just a lowly student reporter for The Stanford Daily.  You can actually see her byline if you go all the way back to the year the Cantor Art Center was opened.

The interview happened this way.  Mr. Cantor himself was standing on the steps of the Art Center.  A crush of reporters were holding microphones up to his face and yelling questions.  Since self is rather petite, barely even five feet tall, she was all the way in the back.  But she did have the perspicacity to yell, at the top of her lungs, STANFORD DAILY!

Mr. Cantor held up his hand.  Everyone fell silent.  Then he looked over at the crowd of reporters and asked, “Who said Stanford Daily?”  And self piped up, from all the way in the back, “I did.”

And he said, “Let her through.”

And the crowd of reporters parted.  And self, blushing furiously, was ushered all the way to the front.

And that, honest to God, is how self got to shake the great man’s hand.

Many, many years later, self thought of him again, because the Cantor Fitzgerald management company occupied the top three floors of one of the World Trade Center buildings, and sekf heard that the firm lost a stupefying 1,600 of its employees on 9/11.

Rodin Sculpture Garden, on the Stanford campus

Rodin Sculpture Garden, on the Stanford campus

A giant head in the Rodin Sculpture Garden (Behind is one of the engineering buildings)

A giant head in the Rodin Sculpture Garden (Behind is one of the engineering buildings, and they’re getting ready to add yet another)

Still another from the Rodin Sculpture Garden

Still another from the Rodin Sculpture Garden

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.




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