Spring 2: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Dubliners are amazingly kind.  The taxi drivers refuse a too-large tip.  When has this ever happened to self?  They actually hand her back her change, and when she explains it’s all right, she really meant to tip that much, they say:  No.

The people at the tram stop (next to the Black Horse Saloon — bwah ha haaa!) worry about self getting lost, so they pass her along.  The first person self spoke to this morning (other than the person who tidied up the dining room after breakfast) was a woman jogging by with a frisky German Shepherd.  She didn’t know for sure how to direct self to where self needed to go, so she handed self over to a young man pushing a toddler in a stroller.  Bless his heart:  the young man, whose name was Bruno, got on the tram, went off at self’s stop, and actually walked with her all the way to Bewley’s on Grafton Street.  In the meantime, his curly-headed child kept staring at self, thoroughly bemused/confused.  Self wanted to buy something for the man and his child, but he waved her off and walked casually on.

Here’s a picture that hints at the week’s WordPress Photo Challenge:  spring.

Spring as motion, or jumping, as this sculpture of a little girl depicts.  She took the photo last April. She and Margarita D were in Venice, and self decided to make the day trip to Vicenza because she had read somewhere that Vicenza was the birthplace of Antonio de Pigafetta, the man who chronicled Magellan’s journey and who self used as the narrator of her short story, Magellan’s Mirror (published in J Journal)

Vicenza, April 2013

Vicenza, April 2013

Here’s a more conventional take on SPRING.  As in:  spring flowers.

Abutilon and Irises, Self's Side Yard

Abutilon and Irises, Self’s Side Yard

Miniature Rose, Front Porch

Miniature Rose, Front Porch

These flower pictures are from last year.  But they are the same flowers that were in full and glorious bloom, just before she left last week.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Spring! WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Apologizing in advance for this post, because self used pictures from last year.

She’s in Dublin, which is rather gloomy, and what with the hectic arrival, she still hasn’t had the chance to snap a single picture here.

Poppies!  These were in front of the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, last month.

Poppies! These were in front of the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, last month.

Hydrangea "Nikko" Blue, grows in a pot in self's backyard.

Hydrangea “Nikko” Blue, grows in a pot in self’s backyard.

Mums.  Self planted them from a florists' bouquet that someone gave her a long time ago.

Mums. Self planted them from a florists’ bouquet that someone gave her a long time ago.

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