Re-Reading MOCKINGJAY: Commander Paylor

With the Divergent movie about to open, and a new female action star poised to take the crown from J-Law (which self doesn’t think will happen, even though Lionsgate produces both series and has said of Divergent:  “This one will be special.”)

Self swears, she will never ever be caught using the word “dystopian” when she writes about The Hunger Games.  Nope.  Don’t even go there.

She finally caved and bought a large print edition of Mockingjay, while waiting to board a flight to go south and visit son.  And she’s been doling out excruciatingly small dribs and drabs ever since.  Here’s a passage where Katniss meets Commander Paylor for the first time:

Her dark brown eyes are puffy with fatigue and she smells of metal and sweat.  A bandage around her throat needed changing about three days ago.

Katniss finds her intimidating.  The reader can tell after this passage:

She looks young to be a commander.  Early thirties.  But there’s an authoritative tone to her voice that makes you feel her appointment wasn’t arbitrary.  Beside her, in my spanking-new outfit, scrubbed and shiny, I feel like a recently hatched chick, untested and only just learning how to navigate the world.

Only eight more months till the movie.  Self wonders who’s playing Paylor.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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