A Day For Posting About Spain (2nd Saturday of March 2014)

A Poem by Miguel Hernandez, translated from the Spanish by Don Share and published in the New York Review of Books, April 4, 2013

The poet and playwright Miguel Hernandez (1910 – 1942) was born into a peasant family in the province of Alicante in southeast Spain and died from tuberculosis in a prison hospital there at age thirty-one.  For much of his life he worked, like his father, as a shepherd.  As a soldier and cultural ambassador for the Republican Army during the Spanish civil war, Hernandez read his poems and plays on the radio and on the front lines.  When the war ended in 1939, he was arrested and sentenced to death (commuted to thirty years in prison).

Everything is Filled with You

Everything is filled with you,
and everything is filled with me;
the towns are full,
just as the cemeteries are full
of you, all the houses
are full of me, all the bodies.

I wander down streets losing
things I gather up again:
parts of my life
that have turned up from far away.

I wing myself toward agony,
I see myself dragging
through a doorway,
through a creation’s latent depths.

Everything is filled with me:
with something yours and memory
lost, yet found
again, at some other time.

A time left behind
decidedly black,
indelibly red,
golden on your body.

Pierced by your hair,
everything is filled with you,
with something I haven’t found,
but look for among your bones.

The Essence of Spain

A year ago, I became convinced that I should spend the rest of my life in Spain.

I made up my mind to find the true, true essence of Spain.

I decided that, until I got to Spain, I would listen only to Camaron.

I purchased maps, because I had decided that one of the important things I had to do was walk the pilgrim road to Santiago de Compostela.

To prepare myself for the Spanish time clock, I disciplined myself not to eat until 10 p.m.

To get used to the idea of “siesta,” I imposed a daily two-hour nap on my hectic life, which resulted in my employment being terminated, which made me happy because I had become extremely worried about exceeding vacation limits.

(Like what you’ve read here? Read the rest of the story on Eunoia Review)

Stay tuned.

Perspective: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Is it just self, or are the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenges becoming increasingly — challenging?

This week’s theme is PERSPECTIVE:

Post a photo which is not what it seems to be.

(Oh. Self doesn’t think her photos are anything other than what they seem to be: shots of a flower market)

But she’s not going to change her post now! Not after she spent so much time choosing the pictures!

Self thinks it’s the use of wide angle on her teensy Nikon Coolpix that makes all the difference:  she can move up close, but still get so much peripheral detail into a shot.  And in places like the ones she’s been to in the Philippines, the frame is just jammed with detail.

She likes to show people, too.  Not posing for the cameras, just getting on with it — work, their daily lives, whatever.

Flower Vendor's Stall, In front of San Sebastian Cathedral, Bacolod City

Flower Vendor’s Stall, In front of San Sebastian Cathedral, Bacolod City

Self went looking for a wreath of flesh flowers she could lay in front of her Dear Departed Dad’s grave.

The flowers were absolutely gorgeous!

The flowers were absolutely gorgeous!

Self doesn't really know what made her pick this vendor over another -- all the stalls were gorgeous, everyone had more or less the same prices.

Self doesn’t really know what made her pick this vendor over another — all the stalls were gorgeous, everyone had more or less the same prices.

Here are three other WordPress blogs whose interpretation of this week’s theme, Perspective, self found particularly thought-provoking:

The absolute fun of toy photography —  and why I got into it in the first place — is that creativity with perspective is a must.  Somehow, you have to make 1″ to 6″ plastic plastic men look like giants.

  • from Nola Roots, Texas Heart:  Look at the second photo. It is so poignant, especially after reading the accompanying quote, from Harper Lee.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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