Justified 5.4: Still Great

Can it really be five years since self had her first electrifying glimpse of Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens?  Self never missed an episode of Season 1 and Season 2. She watched most of Season 3 (The end of Neil McDonough’s character: classic) and Season 4 (She thought there’d be something between the preacher’s sister and Tim Gutterson.  Self is such an incurable romantic!).

No way was she missing Season 5.  Especially not since they announced this was the penultimate season. Noooo!

Self has a wee confession to make:  She missed 5.3.

But she’s now back and watching 5.4 with avid delight.

Timothy Olyphant is still that “tall, cool drink of water.”

The dialogue still slays.  No other show on television can mix violence and humor together with such glee.  She must admit to diminution of her fondness for Boyd Crowder (His scenes with Ava are now, quite frankly, a bore.  Boyd simmers well.  He glowers.  He exudes charisma, or ought to.  But he still can’t put one over on Raylan.  Let’s not distract from the Main Event:  Raylan walking.  Raylan talking.  Raylan jawing.  Raylan with or without the white Stetson.  Self, GET A GRIP!)

Another thing she really loves this season are the shenanigans of that “certified imbecile,” Dewey Crowe.  He is clueless and riveting.  Kick the crap out of him, Raylan!  Yeah!

Self finally gets to see Jacob Pitts in this episode.  He is honestly given very little to do.  It’s a crime.  She still remembers how Tim Gutterson was in Season 1:  absolutely cool, detached, sardonic.

Erika Taziel’s role (Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks) grew in the last couple of seasons.  So far, she’s MIA.

BTW, self loves the way the kids are in this series:  Loretta, and the Crowe kid minding the bar, Kendal.  They’re always grown up before their time (innocent-looking evil little creeps!)

Self loooves the scene where the prison guard Valkyrie beats up a colleague, and then flicks a lit cigarette at him as he lies cowering on the groun (He earlier tried to coerce Ava into getting undressed for him; no sympathy for bozo!)

Oh!  There’s more of Michael Rapaport here.  She likes his character.  Where’s that sassy sister of his?  Self loved her in the Season 5 premiere.  Where’s the Amy Smart character?

Oh, there’s Amy Smart! She is GREAT. Simply great. “You should go,” she tells Raylan after.  “We done?” Raylan inquires (He’s still in the bed; Smart’s getting dressed). “If you’re going,” Smart says. Ha, ha, ha.  Good one!

Stay tuned.

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