Well Hello Again, BLGF!

Self is just whiling away the afternoon. Happy as a clam.  She made only one foray into the world, to Safeway for more bottled water. While waiting at checkout, she saw from OK or US magazine that J-Law was engaged to be married to that English boyfriend of hers.  Which is definitely tragic for the legions of Joshifer and Everlark fan-dom.

Anyhoo, self just finished reading a passage of BLGF that made her 100% smarter.  And she’s only on p. 50!  By the time she gets through with the 1,100 pages of BLGF, she’ll no doubt be a candidate for Mensa!  Woot Hoot!!!

This is a section from “Croatia.” (The remaining sections are, in order of appearance:  Dalmatia, Expedition, Herzegovina, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Old Serbia, and Montenegro)

The section begins on p. 50 with the sentence:

If on a king’s death he should leave an idiot heir or none, the nobles would send, perhaps far away, to a man whose fame lay in violence, in order to avoid war among themselves.

It ends about a page later with:

The people screamed in pain.

What?  What? Holy Moly! Let’s find out how we got here with the poor peasants screaming!

So self then turns back to the previous page to find out what happened in the interim.  The people bring in an alien king blah blah and this king, “terrified of his insecure position in a strange land . . .  asked little of the nobles and came down like a scourge on the peasants, and was tempted to plunder them beyond need and without mercy.”  He would “demand certain sums from the nobles” and the nobles would then, instead of dipping into their “private treasures,” wring the sums “out of the peasants.” This is bad, but “still graver” is the possibility that “the king’s alien blood would let him make contracts to their disadvantage with foreign powers.” Lest one pooh-pooh such a threat, RW writes:

This danger was very grave indeed.  For though there is a popular belief that negotiations to take the place of warfare are a modern invention, nothing could be further from the truth.  The Middle Ages were always ready to lay down the sword and sign an agreement, preferably for a cash payment.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you think this is an exhausting way to get through one page of BLGF, then just imagine 950 more of these, since that’s what is involved, apparently.  Self better make sure her keyboard arm remains well rested and tuned.

When self feels able to skip, she will skip.  This is private reading, not the kind that needs to result in a term paper!


Latest Developments in the Life of Self

A niece in southern California has her own business designing cute tops.  She sent self a message that they’d be doing a one-day yoga and fashion event in early February.  Oooh!  Self is always looking for the smallest excuse to go to southern California!  Because Taciturn Sole Fruit of Her Loins lives there!  And she didn’t see hide nor hair of him over the holidays! And that’s how she got sick, felled by the H1N1 or whatever that virus is!  But now she is mostly over it, which is why she’s madly reading a) Divergent; b) The Hemingses of Monticello; and c) Black Lamb and Grey Falcon, which she decided to read today while slurping her Ramen noodles, and — this just goes to show how certain books can only be read in a certain mood.  Perhaps because the weekend is starting, and she signed up for Beginning Yoga, she is feeling oh-so-relaxed.  Which meant, the very same RWS that bugged her so much yesterday was suddenly extremely entertaining today.  And self saw that she was actually only 2 pages from the end of the chapter on Zagreb. So, she’s going to give BLGF another shot.

Another item of interest is that she decided this week to play SuperLotto, for only the second time in her entire life.  She bought QuikPik at Safeway, and forgot that the winning numbers were announced on Wednesday.  Anyhoo, she suddenly remembered today, went to CALOTTERY.COM and found that the winning ticket was purchased from Circle K in Lake Elsinore. Which means it was not her.  Boo.

Finally, self is reading the San Francisco Chronicle of last Tuesday and finds that the hackers behind the Target data breach have been identified as two Russian teenagers who live in a city on the Volga River.  One of them was “close to 17 years old.”  What is this world coming to when several million people can be held up by a Russian teenager on the Volga.  She also learned a new term:  “malware.”  That’s short for malicious software.

More finally, she finds out that “account information stolen during the Target security breach is now being divided up and sold off regionally.”  Two “Mexican citizens” were arrested at “the border with 96 fraudulent credit cards in their possession.” Which means, according to the South Texas Police Chief who made the arrests, that the data sets are “obviously” being sold off “by region.”

And the ultimate Finally, self last week received a phone call from a man who said he worked for “a credit bureau” and said it was absolutely urgent that she call them back.  It was such a weird message that self decided to ignore it.  And the credit bureau person never called back.

So, here’s what self decided today:

  • She must continue playing more Lotto.
  • She will try as much as possible to stop using her credit cards.  Any credit cards.
  • She will try to stick with the yoga classes even if she turns out to be the fattest, oldest, and most uncoordinated member of the class.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Family 4: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

This week, in a post created specifically for this challenge, share a photo showing family.

QED, WordPress!

El Ideal bakery, Silay:  Cousins Manong Freddie and Manang Marilou and their son Jeric

El Ideal bakery, Silay: Cousins Manong Freddie and Manang Marilou and their son Jeric

Son.  Took this picture at one of his favorite restaurants:  Juban in Menlo Park.

Son. Took this picture at one of his favorite restaurants: Juban in Menlo Park.


Claremont University, May 2013: Son gets his masters degree in Psychology. WOOT HOOT!!!

All the photos with family are happy.

BTW, self tried cracking BLGF again this morning, to give it one more shot, but no.  She’s definitely moving on.

Good thing Divergent is beginning to reveal more about those factions that everyone in Chicago (in some dystopian future) gets to join.  The five are:  Abnegation, Candor, Erudite, Amity, or Dauntless.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.


Self can’t, she simply can’t.

Finish this book.

And no amount of reading erudite reviews on Amazon.com can get her through it.

On p. 43, she encounters this classic collection of RWS.  It’s in a section entitled “Zagreb”:

They are standing in the rain, and they are all different and they are all the same.  They greet us warmly, and in their hearts they cannot greet each other, and they dislike us a little because it is to meet us that they are standing beside their enemies in the rain.  We are their friends, but we are made from another substance.  The rich passions of Constantine, the intense, graceful, selected joys and sorrows of Valetta, and Gregorievitch’s gloomy Great Danish nobility are all cut from the same primary stuff, though in very dissimilar shapes.

Woman, what on earth are you talking about?  Can’t you just get on with it?

Not to worry, dear blog readers:  the next book on self’s reading list is The Hemingses of Monticello:  An American Family.  It’s of course about Thomas Jefferson and his slave mistress, Sally Hemings. Which means it will be fascinating!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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