“If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth”

Yes, self, is is OK for you to remain all day in your pajamas.  You are a writer.  Writers are allowed to spend all day at home.  When The Man complains why your annual income is only $5,000, cover your ears.  Writers are strange.

Lately, self has added to her daily readings a dose of dystopian (that word again!) fiction.  She’s read and re-read Catching Fire.  She’s crawling through Divergent.

She suddenly remembers a short story from her childhood in Manila.  She remembers the title.  She googles.

There it is!  The entire short story is available on-line!  It was written by Arthur C. Clarke!  Self never knew!

(The only thing about the story is — why does the little boy have to be called Marvin)

The story is comprised of these elements:  the Colony.  The “abyss of space.”  Radioactive aftermath.

It is a very, very short story.  Surprisingly short.

Here’s the link.

Stay tuned.

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