Blog vs. Facebook, That Is the Question

It’s no contest.

Definitely, the blog.

Today self was blithely churning her way through Facebook, making many witty, exceedingly witty remarks, even to an old friend of her sister’s who accused her of being in denial about her age (Everyone‘s in denial about their age, are you kidding?  This is America!  No, this is California!  Self sees 80-year-old women skateboarding!), and when self checked her blog stats, they were miserable, and that was when self realized that — she really can’t juggle Twitter/Tumblr (yes, she has an account there, too)/ Facebook and blog, not to mention everything else that’s going on in her life, not to mention sending stuff out etc etc, so she decided she’ll experimentally ditch Facebook.  Facebook is such a construct anyway, it’s exhausting.

So, to the current post.

Self was browsing through the Dec. 22 – 28 San Francisco Chronicle Datebook, and had cause to be reminded that the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is closed FOR THE NEXT THREE YEARS.

Who does that?  Who closes a museum for three years?  What are modern art aficionados expected to do in the meantime?

Because self was really getting fond of the trifecta of activities that were happening in and around the SFMOMA.  For one, there was the Metreon, with its IMAX movie theaters and its fabulous Fastfood Court; and the galleries and auditoriums of the Yerba Buena Art Center with its surrounding park, its fountain and rooftop restaurants.  There’s even, for heaven’s sake, Beard Papa.

Images from some past excursions to the area:

There was a tree in front of one of the Yerba Buena Art Center buildings; she doesn't know what kind.
A tree in front of one of the Yerba Buena Art Center buildings; she doesn’t know what kind
Yerba Buena Gardens This Afternoon
Yerba Buena Gardens One Afternoon
Food Booth at Pistahan, August 2011, Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco
Food Booth at Pistahan, August 2011, Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco

Anyhoo, self learned from reading the Datebook (of last week) that the SFMOMA is keeping its presence felt via so-called “loan exhibitions”, one of which is Flesh and Metal: Body and Machine in Early 20th Century Art, which is currently at Stanford’s Cantor Art Center (through March 16), and Matisse at SFMOMA, currently at the Legion of Honor (through Sept. 7, 2014).

Self is quite close to Stanford, so she could conceivably — in spite of a bad cough — see the Flesh and Metal exhibit as early as tomorrow.


Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Blog vs. Facebook, That Is the Question

    1. Oh my! I did not realize that it was that bad . . .

      Philippines is broke as well. And people aren’t giving as much as the govt hoped — I mean, FOREIGN CHARITIES pledging to help with typhoon relief are not as forthcoming.

      SFMOMA has a website with rotating posts abt their collections.


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