2nd Monday of December (2013)

Today, self did several surprising things.

First of all, she bought a Christmas tree.  A real one, that smelled of the pine-y woods of Oregon (She would have said Half Moon Bay, but the Christmas tree vendor said his trees came from Oregon.)

On the way home after buying the tree, she heard someone honking her and LOOKED UP.  Since there are frequently people who honk at self because she drives so, so slowly, she tries to ignore all the honks.  But this car seemed particularly insistent, and it was — Christy!  Christy from the nail spa on Broadway!

Christy gestured at self to roll down her window.  Self was so flustered that she first ended up rolling down her back windows.  “You missed your appointment yesterday!” Christy yelled.  “You were supposed to come at 4!”

Eeeek!  Self had completely forgotten!  Besides which, she was having bonding time with The Man, so it wouldn’t have worked, her having a nail job done, yesterday afternoon.

But self had so much fun conversing with Christie from her car that she decided to do a very crazy thing, the craziest thing she could think of at the moment, which was:


It was absolutely the right decision, for self now had leisure to observe that nice young actor who plays Finnick.  And to admire his biceps.  And his devotion to the sweet old woman, Mags.  And to note that everyone else in the audience (more women than men) seemed to be at least middle-aged.

It was another one of those really cold days.  At least, the movie theater was nice and warm.  And she enjoyed her $5 Angus beef hot dog.

Chair, Upper Level Lobby of the Redwood City Century 20
Chair, Upper Level Lobby of the Redwood City Century 20

These chairs look very “Art Deco.”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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