Eerie: A WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Post

Oh, witchy witchy time of year.

Last night, self’s humble abode was visited by the ghosts of medieval knights, Jango Fett, Alice in Wonderland, a devil, and a myriad other apparitions.  They all willingly posed for self, after she bribed them with extra candy.

This morning, she looked up the WordPress Photo Challenge, and it was, appropriately enough:  EERIE.

Here are her three eerie places (as evidenced by these photographs):

  • a deserted alley, Venice
  • a bed in Manila
  • the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose
Somewhere Near San Toma'
Venice, somewhere near San Toma’. Was not yet tourist season.
A new bed
Manila:  A new bed
Spookiness in the Winchester Mystery House Labyrinth
Spookiness in the Winchester Mystery House Labyrinth

Have dear blog readers ever watched the Jeepers Creepers movies?  They are so terrifically creepy.  Justin Long was in the first one.

What about The Omen?  The original version, with Gregory Peck?  Super eerie.

But the creepiest movie of all has got to be Nicholas Roeg’s adaptation of a Daphne du Maurier story, Don’t Look Now, which starred Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie.  Self only saw it once, but the image of the child in the red raincoat, the resounding cavernous spaces of Venetian churches, and the woman who speaks with dead people and tells Sutherland’s heartbroken father to Beware and Take Care are etched into her memory forever.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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