From Lines Into Patterns 4: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Manila, September 2013

Manila, September 2013

Manila 2, September 2013

Manila 2, September 2013

Manila 3, September 2013

Manila 3, September 2013

Manila 4, September 2013

Manila 4, September 2013

The prompt this week, from The Daily Post:

Take a page from Evan Zelermyer’s “stunning urban, abstract, and architectural images.”

Self decided to take advantage of the prompt and post some of her gritty Manila street photographs.  She is fascinated by the energy of the streets in this, her native city.  Fascinated, too, by the grimy buildings, set against the hum of daily life, the scurrying motorcycles and tricycles, the crowds on the sidewalks, the way pedestrian barriers become supports, things to lean against, makeshift balconies.  Nothing is beautiful, but there is a strange and powerful intimacy everywhere she looks.

Stay tuned.

From Lines to Patterns 3: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Self took these pictures at the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, August 2013.

Chalk Art I

Chalk Art I

Chalk Art 2

Chalk Art 2

Chalk Art 3

Chalk Art 3

She loved that children got to participate:  $5 would buy them a little square of asphalt to fill in as they chose.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.



The First Halloween 2013 Post

Before self left on her latest trip to the Philippines, she already set out ceramic pumpkins and furry spiders.  Fun!  She even bought a bag of candy from Lucky (According to self’s theory of HOW THINGS WORK, Halloween candy gets more expensive as the holidays approach).

Every year, she tries to make up her mind to wear a Halloween outfit.  But she never does.  She wants to, though.  She thinks it is fun to greet trick-or-treaters attired as a witch or something.

This year, Buzzsugar offers cheerful pointers for those of us who aspire to be Game of Thrones characters.  Here are a few:

For those who aspire to be Cersei:

    WHAT TO WEAR: a very long, blonde wig with hair pulled back.  Wear “a regal-looking gown deep-red gown with full sleeves.
    HOW TO ACT: “Severe and cunning. Talk down to whoever you are speaking to.”

For those who aspire to be Tyrion:

WHAT TO WEAR:  “a burgundy-hued long-sleeved shirt and vest and black pants and boots.  Wear a Hand-of-the-King pin.  Make sure to add the scar.”

HOW TO ACT:  “Keep up a stream of witty one-liners.”

For those who aspire to be Joffrey:

WHAT TO WEAR:  “Fake armor and a cape, leather boots, and a golden crown atop your blonde hair or wig.”

HOW TO ACT:  “Like a snivelling little brat.”

For those who aspire to be Daenerys:

WHAT TO WEAR:  “A white wig . . .  a blue V-neck dress, and some fierce jewelry made of horns or steel.  Bonus points if you can find some toy dragons.”

HOW TO ACT:  “Quietly confident, but assert your status as the Mother of Dragons if provoked.  Ask everyone where . . . your . . .  dragons . . .  are.”

For those who aspire to be Robb Stark:

WHAT TO WEAR:  “Fake armor and dark-colored clothing with a fake fur jacket.  Wield a toy sword.”

HOW TO ACT:  “Like you just can’t wait to be king.”

For those who aspire to be Arya Stark:

WHAT TO WEAR:  “A long-sleeved brown tunic belted at the waist over brown pants.  Carry a sword.  Wear a pixie-cut wig if your hair isn’t already short.”

HOW TO ACT:  “Like you’re not afraid of anything.  Challenge your friends to sword fights.”

For those who aspire to be Hodor:

WHAT TO WEAR:  “A big, dark sweater and scarf.  Wear a white wig and leather backpack, with a child-size doll attached to the back.”

HOW TO ACT:  “Protectve and stoic, and only say the word ‘Hodor.’ “

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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