Awesome Quote of the Day (First Wednesday of August 2013)

Courtesy of Wigleaf:

A short story writer fields many questions about the genre, among them the persistent and accusatory:  But why didn’t you finish it?  Or the related:  Why didn’t you write a whole book about this?  Depending upon audience and context I’ve given any number of answers.  Because the job of a short story is to leave you in suspended animation, and let you linger there until you think you know what it means.  Because there’s something to the experience of being dropped into something and then forced to surface.  Because the right one-night stand can be as interesting as a marriage.  Because the world can change forever in a few centuries or in a few seconds, and we need measures of both.  Because closure is overrated and fiction’s job is to open us up.

There.  Isn’t that just the most beautiful quote about the impulse to write stories that you’ve ever read?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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