Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge prompt (“Foreshadow”) is another tricky one!  It begins with a very lyrical description:

Cut to the hot summer of 2012.  We could see it coming in our rearview mirror:  this bruise blooming, darkening the sky as it gained speed and intensity.  It turned bright sunshine into strange green light as we raced down the highway in a bid to outrun a Canadian prairie thunderstorm.

Well, self will give it a shot:

Rose cooking dinner, Apartment on Rupin Street, Tel Aviv 2008:  She decided to go TNT and ran away.

Rose cooking dinner, Apartment on Rupin Street, Tel Aviv 2008: She decided to run away.

Tel Aviv, 2008:  Self’s family was there to support Dear Ying, whose leukemia was being treated at Ichilov Hospital.  Dearest Mum brought with her a Filipina helper named Rose.

Rose later took her things and left without telling anyone.  The thing self remembers most clearly about her is that she liked to talk about her boyfriend(s) and favored tight jeans.  She said that Filipinos liked to hang out in the bus stations in Tel Aviv and you could even find Filipino food vendors there.

More of That Cover for THE LEOPARD, self's favorite read (so far) of 2013

More of That Cover for THE LEOPARD, self’s favorite read (so far) of 2013

Self’s favorite read (so far) in 2013 has been a novel that lovingly captures the decline of a noble family’s fortunes in late 19th century Sicily.  It’s called The Leopard, and it was written by Giuseppe di Lampedusa.  The cover was exquisite:  the back half of a striding leopard and, in the lower right-hand corner, an up-ended crown.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Already Friday, the 2nd of August 2013

It is August already!

Self feels as if she blinked, and the world went into over-drive.

Brian Wilson signed with the Dodgers (WAAAH!), Ariel Castro was sentenced to life in prison (You lousy shmuck!  The word “Monster” is too good for you!), the darkest of her recent stories got to be her first acceptance of the year 2013, she got rejected (again) by MacDowell and the Sewanee Writers Conference, and she saw various wonderful exhibits, including the one on Richard Diebenkorn, at the de Young until Sept. 29.

She also:  celebrated her birthday in Orinda, at the Cal Shakes’ Sunday matinee performance of “Romeo & Juliet,” and afterwards got to utter words of praise to the actress who played Juliet, Rebekah Brockman, in person.  Juliet was walking with Mercutio, and self would dearly have loved to congratulate him on HIS acting, but since one of his memorable scenes was the one where he drops trou and moons the audience for about two minutes, she got all confused and wondered if he would think she was some kind of perv if she said something like, “Loved your xxxxx !”  So she merely addressed her remarks to Juliet.  Who was busy checking messages on her cell phone and said, “Thanks.”  (In addition to the play, which was fabulous of course, self ordered 50 pieces of lumpia shanghai for a picnic on the CalShakes grounds before the performance, and my did those go fast!)

The Picnic Grounds at Cal Shakes, just before the 4 p.m. performance of "Romeo and Juliet"

The Picnic Grounds at Cal Shakes, just before the 4 p.m. performance of “Romeo and Juliet”

Today, she had to get a new purse, since the one she’d been using for months got a nasty big hole.  She didn’t actually have to buy one, all she did was look in her closet, where she has a whole box of woven purses from Bacolod and Manila, which she buys over there for something like 50 US cents:

Made in the Philippines!

Made in the Philippines!

When she’s through with posting, she will get busy cooking menudo, and then bring Sole Fruit of Her Loins to the San Jose Airport, where he has rented a car to drive to San Luis Obispo today.  Oooh, this is the busiest summer in ages.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Most Unforgettable (Fictional) Character of the Day

First, self must come clean and confess that she didn’t make it past the prologue of Middlemarch.  Instead she began reading Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel.  OMG, self, what took you so long to read Mantel?  This book is turning out to be an absolutely fantastic read.

But the piece she wants to quote is not from Wolf Hall.  It is from a story by Melanie Taylor-Herrera, called “Stories Adrift,” which was in Issue 51.1 (Fall/ Winter 2012) of Prism International.  The story is about a cab driver.  As he goes from place to place around Panama City, we get vivid glimpses of each of his various passengers.

At exactly two-thirty, the sun breaking bricks and the heat breaking guts, in front of the department store Machetazo in Calidonia, Julian stopped.  A woman of flaccid and abundant flesh got in, her legs marked by varicose veins and her arms lined with wild black down that had never seen a razor.  She had a budding mustache and she wore her white hair short.  She carried bags from the supermarket.

Self doesn’t know why she found the description so enchanting.  Here’s a quick doodle of a woman with a mustache that self did a few minutes ago, just for fun:

The woman passenger described in the story

The woman passenger described in the story

Self was trying to draw a mustache, but it’s not very clear.  She wanted to draw a mustache like Hercule Poirot’s.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

1st Thursday of August (2013): At the San Carlos Farmers Market

Self’s new favorite booth of the San Carlos Farmers Market is:


Namesake Cheesecake

Self tried the traditional cheesecake the very first Thursday the Farmers Market was open:

Namesake's Traditional Cheesecake is DIVINE!

Namesake’s Traditional Cheesecake is DIVINE!

Almost every Thursday since that first time, she’s dropped by Namesake Cheesecake.

The owner/chef is named Cherith.  She also makes a fabulous raspberry sauce.  Self usually buys the raspberry sauce to go along with her cheesecake, and OOOH MAMA that sauce is soooo fine.

Delightful Raspberry Sauce

Delightful Raspberry Sauce

The slices are $3 each.  A whole cheesecake (8 deep slices) is $16.  It makes more sense to buy a whole cheesecake, but self has never done this because she knows that the thing will disappear into her belly before two days have passed.  And that would be TERRIBLE — not only to self’s figure, but also to her self-esteem.

Here is the wonderful Cherith:

Cherith Spicer is one FABULOUS baker!

Cherith Spicer is one FABULOUS baker!

Today she had on the most fabulous gold earrings.  Self could not stop staring at them every time she moved her head.  Me want some of those!

She complimented self on her blue nail polish.  Ah yes, another of self’s indulgences:  a manicure at Belle Spa on Broadway in downtown RWC.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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