Awesome! Fierce!

People, La Hagedorn sent around the latest review of Manila Noir, by Bookgasm.  Oh, how very nice to be noticed by a website with such an awesome name!  Everything’s positive, everything’s coming up roses.

Self is in a very celebratory mood, also because:

Sunday is self’s birthday!

Yes, dear ones!  Blog Mistress Kanlaon has reached ripe old age, and son has convinced self that the only way to properly celebrate is by returning to Cal Shakes to watch the current production of “Romeo and Juliet!”  So today self called over to the Cal Shakes Box Office and snagged the last four numbered seats, way in the last row.

Oh how self loves Shakespeare!  Especially when performed in the summer!  Especially when performed in the open air!  With bottles of wine!  (Which reminds self:  she must remember to bring the bubbly.  What’s nice about watching the performances at Cal Shakes is:  the grounds open two hours before showtime, and you can get properly soused, and by the time you enter the theater and the play begins, everyone is smashed, ergo it’s easy to get into the spirit of things.  Usually there is some form of singing/dancing with audience participation!  Like the last Cal Shakes performance self attended, A Midsummer Night’s Dream!)

Her first Cal Shakes play featured Adam Scott as Romeo.  Adam Scott, dear ones!

His head even then seemed a tad large in proportion to his body.

But he is still awesome.

After watching that performance, self was convinced that “Romeo and Juliet” needs to be acted by young people.  Only young people.  Because, after all, that play is tragic.  And tragedy’s always best when inflicted on the young.

Like that scene in 300 when Astinos or whoever the guy is who’s played by Tom Wisdom gets his head nipped?  Astinos wasn’t even old enough to have enjoyed the warmth of a woman, or so Gerard Butler’s character remarked, before they set out on the journey to defend the Motherland.  And that was why, when Astinos died, all the women in the movie theater fell to epic moaning.

Now, back to the ostensible reason for this post.

Budjette Tan sends over a blurry picture of La Hagedorn at the launch.  Describes La Hagedorn as “sassy and cool.”  Self is participating in the Manila festivities, vicariously.  The Man reminds self that the days when she would be able to give readings at will are over.  So what, she loves looking at pictures of the launch.  First of all, there’s Zack front and center, and she knows he knows how to wow an audience.  Zack is awesome!  Jessica is awesome!  Manila Noir is awesome!  Self is awesome!


Self in "Awesome Mode"

Self in “Awesome Mode”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Who’s Who in Philippine Speculative Fiction (Eavesdropping on Carrie Cuinn)

Carrie Cuinn is a self-described “author, editor, bibliophile, modernist, Geek.”

Several weeks ago, she posted a list of “100+ Asian Speculative Fiction Authors.”

Self found out about the list from FB, when Dean Alfar posted it on his wall (Thanks, Dean!)

Self “favorited” the list on Twitter (Yes, indeed, dear blog readers, Twitter is the very latest Kanlaon thing!)

Self has culled just the Filipino writers from the list (because you know, she is just so proud to have been born in the Philippines) and listed them below (in the order of their appearance on Miz Cuinn’s list, which seems to be in alphabetical order, by first name):

7.   Andrew Drilon

14.   Budjette Tan

15.   Cecilia Manguerra Brainard

17.   Celestine Trinidad

18.   Charles Tan

22.   Claire Light

23.   Dean Francis Alfar

26.   Don Pizarro

31.   EK Gonzales

32.   Eliza Victoria

40.   Gabriela Lee

59.   Kate Aton-Osias

64.   Kenneth Yu

70.  Kyra Ballesteros

81.   Your Devoted Blog Mistress

90.  Nikki Alfar

91.   Paolo Chikiamco

94.   Rochita Loenen-Ruiz

109.   Victor Fernando

Having compiled the above, self realizes it is a lot of work to compile lists, any list, especially a list as gargantuan as Mz Cuinn’s.  We owe her a debt.  (And, to quote JL from GOT:  “That debt shall be repaid!”  Thanks much, Most Honorable Mz Cuinn!)

As if that’s not enough, Mz Cuinn has announced that she plans to do “lists for African, Middle Eastern, and Hispanic/ Latin American authors as well, soon.”

Three Cheers for Mz Carrie Cuinn!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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