Excitements (Thus Far): Summer 2013

Driving in the city (north) on O'Farrell

Driving in the city (north) on O’Farrell, 4th Sunday of June 2013

It is so much more fun going around the City when:  a) The Man is driving, thereby leaving self free to devote 100% of her attention to shooting pictures; b) Son and Jennie are along for the ride, because The Man is much more relaxed, and therefore self is more relaxed, ergo:  More Craziness Can Ensue!  Yesterday was amazing:  The Man drove from Max’s in South San Francisco, to The Legion of Honor, to the cliffs overlooking Sutro Baths, to Chinatown.  That is a level of accommodation that The Man has not displayed since before self and he were married. Usually, if self suggests a drive to anywhere, the answer is either silence or a grumpy “Huh.”  End of story.  So, on a scale of 1 to 10, yesterday’s adventuring rates an 11!!!  Woo Hoooo!!! Thrilling!!!

Here are other excitements of early summer:

Self discovered that Marc, her favorite stylist (in W Salon) grew up in Dallas.  Amazing: when self gleaned this information, she was holding a copy of Vogue magazine, the one with Kate Upton on the cover.  Kate Upton is also from Dallas.  Hooooly coincidence!

Jennie likes fresh cherries as much as self does.

Son will not be spending the Fourth of July in Redwood City, boo.  Self and The Man had gotten themselves into quite a stir of anticipation, thinking they’d finally be watching the hometown parade together after many many years.  Alas, a friend of Jennie’s is getting married on the Fourth (WHO, self asks, WHO chooses to get married on the Fourth of July?  Every year, their anniversaries will be celebrated with barbecues!  At which the couple must obviously play the host!  Who lines up for that kind of abuse?)

Self noted, on peeking out the living room window the morning after son and Jennie drove up from Claremont, that there was white Prius parked up on the curb in front of the house.  She vaguely wondered what had happened to son’s car, a ’92 Civic that he used to refer to (fondly) as Excalibur.  Come to think of it, self hasn’t seen hide nor hair of this car, bought second-hand in 2002 or 2003, in the last two or three years.  Thrills of anxiety began coursing through self’s consciousness.  She tried her best, over the weekend, to sound son out.  Had he ever looked at Kias?  What about Hyundais?  What about Fords?  He began to expound on the great gas mileage of the Prius.  Began remarking that even a second-hand Prius would be better than a Ford.  And so forth.

(Aside:  Self is on Fox.  There’s Anderson Cooper and his female co-host.  At the bottom of the screen, it says LIVE.  But they are talking about a Saturday Night Live spoof of the Presidential Elections.  Can it be that time already?  Self felt very Rip van Winkle.  She decided to find out who was running:  Oh, Mitt Romney and Obama.  Then why is that word LIVE at the bottom of the screen???  Does no one realize how CONFUSING it is to be watching an episode about the Presidential elections when it is June 2013?)

Above Sutro Baths.  Do you see how lovely the San Francisco weather can be in June?

Above Sutro Baths. Do you see how lovely the San Francisco weather can be in June?

Nevertheless, onward!

Why couldn’t J. J. Abrams have come up with a better Star Trek sequel?  Why was the opening so Star Wars?  Why did our first glimpse of Spock have to be in a kitschy bronze-colored get-up?

Why couldn’t self remember who played the villain in Iron Man 3, a week after watching the movie?  (Answer:  Ben Kingsley)

Why did Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby get so universally panned by critics?  If she liked Baz’s Romeo and Juliet, doesn’t it follow that she also might like his The Great Gatsby?  Should self dare?

The summer movies self is most interested in watching are:  Before Midnight (She likes Delpy and Hawke together; she’s seen their two earlier movies, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset and enjoyed both) and Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing (Who knew, dear blog readers, that Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof could have such great chemistry together?  Self likes, in particular, Acker because she brings such an ethereal quality to anything she appears in.  And the preview for Much Ado was soooo great)

Stay tuned.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes 3

On the Vaporetto to Murano, April 2013

Returning from Murano on the Vaporetto , April 2013

The prompt:

Whatever your skill, we challenge you to take and share a photograph that shows a command of your frame.  Lead our eyes somewhere.  Make us focus on something.

What self was so struck by, in Venice, was the light.  The light on water.

She loved taking the vaporetto.  The day she took this shot, she was returning from Murano.  It was early evening.  You can just see, off to the right of the photograph, the church of San Michele on Cemetery Island, the vaporetto’s next stop.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Chinatown, 4th Sunday of June 2013

A cable car passed in front of self just as she started taking a picture:


Self exercised patience!  She kept her camera pointed to the street and, moments later, captured this:


And this:


Self loved that these lanterns were strung across the street.  When?  Why?  They were not there, the last time self was in San Francisco’s Chinatown (three years ago).  And Chinese New Year is long past.

There were a whole lot of stores purveying cheap silk and novelties like luggage tags saying:  HANDS OFF! and MY CLOTHES WON’T LOOK GOOD ON YOU!  She nearly bought one, remembering her disappeared luggage in Venice.  But if she used one, it might be interpreted as a challenge to would-be thieves?  Therefore backfiring?  Self hung on to her wallet.

Stay tuned.

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