“Game of Thrones” Quotes: Season 3 Finale

Self’s heart was beating so fast last night, the first time it’s ever happened while self was watching a television show.

Of course, her heart has speeded up occasionally, especially during moments of extreme duress.  But never, ever, ever until last night did a television show reduce her to such a state of quivering anxiety and tension!


There were a few very thrilling scenes last night (None of which, alas, involved dragons.  Sorry Khaleesi!  But now that you’re Queen of Yunkai, Astropor, etc etc, self would just like to stay that your storyline is becoming a bit —  shall we say — predictable?  What your thread needs is some hot setback.  No, don’t kill off hunky dude with the long hair who it’s clear is being set up as your lover in Season 4.  But do you think you could dispense with being all virtuous and triumphant, at least for one episode?  BTW, hunk’s name is Daario.  That’s right, it’s spelled with two ‘a’s and rhymes with Fabio.  Cheesy, much?)

1st Memorable Quote of Season 3, Episode 10:  Yara Greyjoy  (Apologies, dear blog readers:  Self must paraphrase rather than use a direct quote.  First of all, ze blog was out of commission all weekend.  Second, self’s jaw dropped so far upon listening to Yara’s awesomeness that she couldn’t be bothered to hunt around for a pen and paper)

(In voice-over):  I’m going to take the fastest ship, and 50 of the best killers.  I’m going to sail up the narrow river, all the way to Dreadfort.  I’m going to find my baby brother, and bring him home.

There is such mournfulness and resolve mixed together in this actress’s voice.  Self happened to catch an interview with her on YouTube, and she is the skinniest thing.  Skinny and fragile looking.  Which means she is one hell of an actress.  In Season 2, Episode 8, she was totally, totally bad-ass.  Theon boasts about how he killed the Stark boys and she interrupts:  “Which one gave you the tougher fight, the six-year-old or the cripple?”

In last night’s Season 3 finale, the scene in the Greyjoy castle fades away and viewers see a ship and crew under full sail.  Whoa, that is pretty epic scene-laying, right there.   Benioff and Weiss, you are so clever!  First you subjected us, the entire Season 3, to watching the disgusting torture and degradation of Theon.  You made us wait until the very last episode and then you let us hear Yara’s voice.  After this, when Yara makes her entrance in Season 4, you just know it will be big, splashy, and memorable.  And we will be so relieved that we might not be able to stop ourselves from doing the happy happy joy joy dance, when Theon is finally liberated.  Then of course, since Yara is pretty handy with an axe, we all know what is going to happen to Ramsay and his favorite member.  And then we hope she serves it up on a plate, because that scene of Ramsay chewing a sausage in front of Theon was frankly horrible.

2nd Memorable Quote of Season 3, Episode 10:  Ser Davos

Ser Davos to Self’s Favorite GOT Bastard:  You ever been in a boat before?

Gendry:  No.

Ser Davos:  You know how to swim?

Gendry:  No.

Ser Davos:  Don’t fall out.

The funny thing is, during that entire scene, self was wondering what Davos was going to do, seeing as how Gendry is just so — so unsophisticated!  Thus, the admonition “Don’t fall out” was hilarious!  A real hoot!

Anyhoo, The Most Honorable Knight in Westeros (Davos, who else) tells Gendry to head to King’s Landing.  “What if someone recognizes me?” Gendry asks, completely taken aback by this turn of events (as was self).  “Has anyone seen your face before?” Davos asks.  “No,” Gendry says.  “I’d worry more about the Red Woman than about them,” Davos says.

Whenever the camera panned to the cliffs behind, self would find herself shrieking:  “Watch out!  Melisandre’s behind you! Aaaaargh!”  Amazing:  despite possessing the gift of being able to see the future, Melisandre did not “see” Davos helping Gendry escape.  Who knew that Melisandre’s powers could be so inconsistent!  Self’s prediction for Melisandre:  Dire Death, preferably by Dragons.

BTW, Jaime makes it back to King’s Landing with Brienne (The scar on her neck almost entirely healed:  How long did this journey take?) and Qyburn.  Self hopes this trio continues to operate as a trio in King’s Landing.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

Day Before Mother’s Day. A package in the mailbox. Return Address: Southern California. Contents: Fabulousness

Arrived in the Mail, the Day Before Mother's Day 2013

Arrived in the Mail, the Day Before Mother’s Day 2013


Thanks much, Sole Fruit of Her Loins!

Ate the entire box in just two days.

Here are more Yumm Moments:

Café Uma, Bacolod City:  The cassava cake is to die for!

Café Uma, Bacolod City: The cassava cake is to die for!

Stay tuned.

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