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Dad's home province in Negros Occidental is filled with sugar haciendas.  Naturally, when self goes, she brings back sweets.

Dear Departed Dad’s home province in Negros Occidental is known for its sugar haciendas.  Naturally, when self goes, she brings back sweets.

Muscovado is raw, minimally processed (unrefined) brown sugar.  In the last few years, self has been seeing this brand (MASCO ROCKS) in most Philippine stores and supermarkets.  The sugar is in irregularly shaped lumps, hence the word “Rocks” on the label (much prettier than cubes, if you ask self).  And how adorable is that shape for the bottle, like it’s trying to do an Elvis impression?  Rock on, Musco!  Rock on!

Stay tuned.

GOT Episode 3.9 — Self Rendered Utterly Speechless!

Game of Thrones ended approximately 20 minutes ago, and everyone in the living room (The Man had wisely absconded long before the episode started) were so horrified, no one, including self, could speak for a few minutes.  Then afterwards, there was an eruption of groans and remarks like, “Ugh!  That was just gruesome!”  and “Ugh!  How can I sleep tonight?” and “Ugh!  To think we waited two weeks for this?”

But self has a wee confession to make, and it is that she landed on a blog called self thinks, if she remembers correctly — it is so hard to think straight after one of her most favorite characters has just been sliced through the neck!  —  asiaofw, or something like that, and she learned this morning that there was to be a massacre at The Twins.  So, she knew things were going to be grim.  And at first she was so overjoyed that there seemed to be no updates forthcoming on Theon (castrated, Episode 8)  Or Gendry (fodder for leeches, also Episode 8), but alas, now that everything has unfolded just the way this blogger said they would unfold, she knows that things are not looking good for Brienne of Tarth, self just hopes The End doesn’t happen for Brienne until Season 5 or 6.

Poor ittle Arya makes it to The Twins while the massacre is still going down, so she and The Hound are told that the wedding ceremony is over, they’ve missed it, and she has to watch as soldiers go running forth from the castle, on some urgent errand, and then she watches as a company of Frey men go to Rob Stark’s caged Dire Wolf, and do something terrible to it with the crossbows.  Through the bars of the creature’s cage.  And Arya sees all this, so self is quite prepared to see Arya in the next season transformed into —  The Destroyer!

Self must say, it was pretty masterful the way the whole bloody scene unfolded.  The first strange thing was the beautiful bride (who was not one of the Frey girls lined up at the reception ceremony earlier), then the “bedding ceremony” at which the girl was bundled away and also poor Edmure (to his death, but at least still happily smiling like the fool he is/was), and then the most horrible, telling thing of all, the soldier who walked right past Catelyn Starke, so brusquely, just walked right past her as if she wasn’t there.  We notice this.  But it in no way prepares one for the horrors of what happens next.  And one knows Rob Stark probably wanted to die, at that moment.  And so did Catelyn, after she saw him die.

Michelle Fairley, what an acting job.  It reminded self of the scene in Godfather II, when the mother of Vito Corleone begs the Sicilian Don for her son’s life, and then grabs a knife and puts it to the Don’s neck.

God!  Where are Jaime and Brienne!  What happened to all the light-hearted bantering of most of the episodes of Season 3?  And why can’t Daenerys tell that Jorah is madly in love with her?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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