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Edinburgh, June 2012

Edinburgh, June 2012

June 2012:  Self arrived in Edinburgh wearing white capris and silver sandals.  When Hamish spotted her, about 30 seconds after she’d positioned herself at the baggage carousel, she was so astonished, she blurted out:  “How did you know it was me?”  BWAH. HA. HA. HAAAAA!

She saw this artwork near the University of Edinburgh main library.  She was with Joan, a poet and fellow resident at Hawthornden.  During that day, she almost got squashed by a double decker.  She remembered Joan dashing across the street and yelling back at her:  “Come on!”  So self started, and belatedly saw the bus, and Joan yelled:  “No, Stop!”  And then, confusingly:  “OK, come!”  Then, “Stop!  Stop!”  Then:  “Come, come!”

Suffice it to say, self survived that day.  And later, she went to Edinburgh a lot by herself.  She ended up buying:  Sweaters.  A pair of boots.  A red raincoat.  Mary Janes.  She survived!

Stay tuned.

Anticipatory: Sunday Night, Game of Thrones Viewing Par-tay!

Tomorrow is Game of Thrones‘ Season 3 penultimate episode.  In an exact replay of what happened in Chino when self and The Man drove down for Son’s graduation ceremony at Claremont, two weeks ago, self issued this dire warning to all in the immediate vicinity (and that includes The Ancient One):  “I will not —  repeat NOT — be able to do anything Sunday night, starting 9 p.m.  Have to watch Game of Thrones.”

This morning, son said casually, “Finnessy likes Game of Thrones, too!”

Oh yeah?  What a surprise!  Honestly, self never imagined another person liked Game of Thrones as much as she!

“So, he’s gonna come over and watch it here.”

For reals?  Oh, sure, Sole Fruit of Her Loins!  As Finnessy is a musician, he may be able to add a certain je ne se quois to the viewing!

“And Kevin might come, too!  So could we have some barbecue?”


“Sure,” self said, perky as all get-out.  “I’ll just start marinating some chicken thighs . . . ”

So, this is why self is so, so busy this evening, assembling:

  • rib-eye steaks
  • her famous steak marinade (has 15+ ingredients and the only way to blend them together is to put in a BLENDER, Duh!)
  • chicken thighs (need to marinate)
  • fresh corn (stripping and cleaning)
  • a humongous pot of rice

Also, The Man bought Corona beer, a case of Coke . . .

Everything must be pre-assembled because — no way can self be preparing anything between 9 and 10 p.m. tomorrow.  No, make that:  8 p.m. to 10 p.m. tomorrow.  Just to make double sure she is not distracted or tired or what-have-you.  Her full attention must be focused on the screen!

Yours truly in anticipation,


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