Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge: Escape 4

Today was a mad, mad day.  First of all, it was Date Due of Assignment 1 for her on-line UCLA Extension class, and the students were so thrillingly engaged.  Self spent hours perusing the students’ responses and also reading the first batch of writings.

It’s also been hot.  Self and The Man arrived mid-afternoon yesterday, to find the garden absolutely parched.  Since yesterday evening, self has been dragging around buckets of water and alternating hand-watering with running the sprinklers.

In addition, self has been madly perusing the hundreds of photographs submitted by fellow WordPress bloggers on the theme of “Escape.”  There’s everything from picturesque sailboats and beach shots, to forested glades, stacks of books (Good one, this!) and even a pair of abandoned white shoes that left self feeling strangely disturbed.

So far, self has posted three photographs on the “Escape” theme:  the first was a picture of mochi and miso soup, from the time she took Son and Jennie to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, early last year.  The second was a landscape shot taken August 2007, when self was doing a residency at VCCA.  The third was a shot she took at the Claremont Graduation Ceremony, this past Saturday:  a close-up of a graduate’s mint-green shoes!  Here’s a fourth:

Venice, from the vaporetto en route to Burano
Venice, from the vaporetto en route to Burano, April 2013

Who knew that the subject “Escape” would prove to be such a potent one?

Stay tuned.

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