Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge: Escape 3

This weekly WordPress Challenge is turning into something of an addiction — !


Self spent the weekend in Claremont to attend the graduation ceremony of Sole Fruit of Her Loins.

She was fascinated by the graduates’ shoes, peeking out from beneath togas.  The footwear ranged from Converse sneakers to extremely high-heeled stilettos and to colorful pumps, like the ones pictured above.

Stay tuned.

10 responses to “Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge: Escape 3”

    • Rushing to — FREEDOM! Summer! End of the Academic Grind! Really, I was so struck by how everyone was wearing black togas, but look at their feet, and each pair of feet was a STATEMENT.

      Thank you for the comment!


  1. My colleagues and I enjoy looking at the graduates hoes too. This year my friend and I were dismayed at first at ending up in the front row, on stage with all the faculty (drat – we have to behave!), but soon realized that it was a prime viewing spot. I myself graduated in converse.


    • I wore plain black pumps, so boring. I graduated from an American university (as a foreign student from the Philippines), I should have at least worn something with glitter 🙂 or, as you did, marched in Converse! Go, Intrepid American Converse-Wearing New Graduates!


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