More on That Bear (In Episode 7 of “Game of Thrones”)

Self was having a heart attack the whole time Jaime was up on the ramparts with the (cowardly) men of Harrenhall Castle, watching poor Brienne bravely attempting to defend herself —  still wearing that pink dress! —  against a fearsome bear.

“You gave her a wooden spear!” Jaime blurts out, to sadistic Locke.

Self just wanted to say, Jaime Jaime Jaime, there is a woman down there fighting for her life and you waste time arguing over whether or not she should have been given something other than a wooden spear?


Thank goodness Brienne herself settles the question by attempting a very foolhardy maneuver:  attacking the rearing bear head-on.  For that, she gets a good, hard swipe at the neck.

At that moment, self’s jaw went slack:  IT’S ALL UP FOR THE MAID OF TARTH, self thought.  FOR SURE!

But no!  Jaime bestirs himself to jump into the pit!  He shouts to Brienne:  “Get behind me!”

The scene ends the episode, but self’s heart was still racing.  The last name on the closing credits was:


Tee-hee Ha ha BWAH HA HA!  So that was a REAL bear after all, not CGI as self surmised!

Kudos to Gwendoline Christie for being such a good sport!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Books Mentioned in The New York Times Book Review, 30 September 2012

Isn’t it wonderful how self keeps finding NYTBR issues from last year?

Here’s one that isn’t too long ago:  it’s from September 2012.

In this issue, the “By the Book” interview is With Michael Chabon, who just happens to be reading Moonraker, by Ian Fleming (written 1955).  He also mentions Cloud Atlas, and Ben Marcus (author of The Flame Alphabet) and three of what he thinks are classics of “genre fiction”:  The Turn of the Screw, Heart of Darkness, and Blood Meridian.  Next on his reading list:  Beyond Black, by Hilary Mantel, and Diamonds are Forever.

There is a review of Love Bomb, a novel by Lisa Zeidner, that refers to a previous novel by Ayelet Waldman, Red Hook Road (which self will try and read).

Finally, there is a review by Christian Bauman (who served with the United States Army in Somalia and Haiti) of Fobbit, by David Abrams, a novel whose hero is assigned to a public affairs team in a “Forward Operating Base,” or FOB, in Iraq. (“Dead soldiers,” according to Abrams’ hero, “were now little more than objects to be loaded onto the back of C-130s somewhere and delivered like pizzas to the United States.”)


Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

OMG, Brienne!

Oh my goodness!  There was so much meat in this episode (Season 3 # 7) of “Game of Thrones”!

  • Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion swears undying loyalty and affection towards his whore.
  • Arya receives archery lessons in the forest (“Don’t bother taking aim before you shoot.  Your eyes know where the target is.”).
  • Gendry, Arya’s best bud, gets carted off by a purported witch.
  • Margaery and Sansa have a heart-to-heart about the pleasures of the wedding night.
  • Tyrion and his field marshall discuss Sansa Stark, Tyrion’s whore, and what a man has to do in order to keep both his wife and his mistress happy.
  • Ygritte tells Jon Snow she is his woman now and if she finds he’s betrayed her, she’ll cut off his member and string it around his neck.  Fortunately, Jon Snow appears to take this threat very, very seriously.
  • Brienne gets to fight a bear.

Whoa!  Did self just type “fight a bear”?  Indeed, she did!

Self loves Brienne, there’s just something so, so — majestic about her.  When she squares off against a marauding bear, in the middle of a pit surrounded by jeering louts, wearing her least favorite attire (a dress, and pink at that), she still summons dignity and courage.

Is it any wonder that Jaime has to rescue her?


Stay tuned.

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