Game of Thrones 3.2

Self, not content with airing opinions on Anna Karenina, Don Quijote, Cary Grant, flowers, Joe Morgenstern, Grace Kelly, gelato,  and the wonders of her hometown, Redwood City, California (Today, a Customer Service Rep for Hampton Suites actually asked if there were redwoods near her humble abode.  Self mumbled something, acutely sheepish because The Man was right beside her, listening to every word), will now throw in her reflections on Season 3, Episode 2 of Game of Thrones.

  • Good heavens, who is that tall, sad Amazon ridiculously clad in armor and dragging around a prisoner by a rope?  The sword fight that ensues along an ancient bridge was magic.  One could feel how heavy the swords were, one could feel that poor woman’s desperation and stolid adherence to duty, self was sure she would be cut in two, but apparently the Amazon was so inept that she couldn’t quite bring herself to kill her prisoner (who was trying his darndest to kill her).
  • The saucy-looking woman who is always flashing her expansive decolletage has a ridiculous name, self discovered from reading The Huffington PostMargaery.  She engages in major flirtation with an evil-looking boy-king (who self learned, also from The Huffington Post, is an extremely sadistic guy who goes by the name Joffrey).  Margaery tells Joffrey that her late husband’s predilections did not run to women.  She makes vague reference to a sadistic sexual act that she was asked by her husband to perform.  All the while, she is edging closer and closer to Joffrey, until she actually ends up seated beside him, without uttering a single “By your leave, your grace.”  She then makes many references to the crossbow Joffrey just happens to be holding when she is admitted into his presence.  She asks, very gently, to handle it.  Joffrey helps her aim (at the visage of a stuffed bear).  They talk about killing prey.
  • Among the most interesting characters in this episode were pubescents.  In particular, a young boy (goes by the name Bran Stark, where would self be without The Huffington Post) who is borne along while lying in a wooden cart, who dreams of a dark raven, and who is aided by magical wolves.
  • Charles Dance (who plays a Major Character named Tywin Lannister), appears for about three seconds, delivering two portentous messages to a handsome, bearded fellow (whose name, also courtesy of The Huffington Post, is Robb Stark).  One message is bad, the other is good (Naturally.  Game of Thrones is all about balance).  We know one is bad and one is good because Tywin announces that one message is from Riverrun, the other from Winterfell.

You ought to be thanking your lucky stars that self did not end this post with yet another quote from Burton Raffels’ translation of Don Quijote, dear blog readers!  Self was sorely tempted, but realized that her Don Quijote posts, if not disciplined, could really run away with her.  She’s on p. 460 and there are still approximately 300 pages left!

She will have one more episode of Game of Thrones before she embarks on her latest “crazy” (The Man’s word for it) escapade.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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