Likes (In Movies, 2013 Thus Far)

Best Movies of 2013 (thus far):

  • Warm Bodies
  • Emperor
  • Harana, a great documentary on a dying breed, the last Filipino practitioners of harana (Filipino serenade music).  Congratulations:  Florante Aguilar (the film’s star), Director Benito Bautista, cinematographer Peggy Peralta, and editor Chuck Gutierrez
  • from the Hitchcock Festival at the Stanford Theater in Palo Alto:  Strangers on a Train and Vertigo

*     *     *     *

On TV:

Justified, of course.  Parade’s End.

She also got to watch four back-to-back episodes of The Walking Dead and wondered how she managed to miss the show for so long.

Worst, most excruciating movie-watching experience:  Michael Haneke’s Amour (Nothing on the actors, just — how much degradation can one actually stand to see on the big screen?) and Hitchcock’s Rope (pseudo-elegant dweebs who seem to consider themselves Supermen have a dinner party —  eating off a chest-converted-into-a-dirning-room-table into which they have stuffed a corpse.  Jimmy Stewart shows up as a college professor who turns out to be the perfect sleuth.  Self found it incredibly, incredibly dull)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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