Many Excitements, Including Justified 4.10

What. An. Exciting. Week.

Self cannot begin to tell dear blog readers what an exciting week it’s been.

First, she pigged out at Max’s (son’s favorite Filipino restaurant) in South San Francisco, with Diane.

Just a few days earlier, she went on a hike with Stella K and Tina B, in Edgewood Park & Nature Preserve (Self knows that Stella and Tina, both serious hikers, went on the slow and easy in deference to self’s great age.  Thanks, gals!)

Yesterday, since The Man was in a most irksome mood, self let him be and entertained herself with watching three back-to-back episodes of “The Walking Dead.”  Whoa.  This is a great show.  Why had self never watched it before?  Ah, self, you are so behind-with-the-cultural-flow!

She bought tickets to the San Francisco Ballet, which is probably only the second time she’s ever bought tickets for the San Francisco Ballet.

She heard from Zack.  He is imminent.

The Ancient One is still alive (though getting whinier with each passing day)

And now, self will begin sharing her reflections about Justified 4.10

This one was memorable primarily because Deputy Rachel Brooks is back!  Bringing her sass right into Our Man Raylan’s face!  She tells Raylan that she puts up with his shenanigans is because he’s “easy on the eyes”!  What a straight-talking girl!

Johnny Crowder maintains people want to move to the suburbs because there ain’t no niggers there.  He says this right in front of Our Gal Rachel.  She doesn’t bat an eyelash.  She’s such a cool cucumber!  Self loves that Raylan’s team has two cool cucumbers:  Rachel Brooks and Tim Gutterson!

And —  Drew Thompson is finally unmasked!  You’ll never guess who it is, dear blog readers!  No spoilers here.

This episode was very easy on the killings.  As a matter of fact, self doesn’t think there was one fallen body —  what is happening?

Boyd Crowder and Ava utter the unthinkable:  each says, into a phone, “I love you.”  Bo-ring!

Ella May survived yet another episode!  Self loves her durability!  Her unexpected tenacity!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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