Episode 4, “Parade’s End”

Self knows that Tuesday is Justified night.  But there’s still an hour to go, so she asked The Man to find her another episode of Parade’s End.

Since she’s already seen Episode 4, he expected self to want to watch Episode 5.

Ixnay!  Episode 5 is the last and concluding episode!  Give her Episode 4 again.  It is just so delightful.  Among other things, in Episode 4, Benedict Cumberbatch gets to flash a wee bit of naked chest.  And a very nice chest it is, indeed!

Second, there is such bloody wicked dialogue, from first to last.  Ah, those British and their stiff upper lips!  So indispensable while under aerial bombardment!

Self particularly loves the shelling of the barracks.  Private Morgan salutes, then falls over with half his head blown off.  Adjutant:  “Before I was sent here, I was at the Foreign Office!”  Tietjens:  “I suppose you speak seven languages.”  Adjutant:  “Five.  And that includes Greek and Latin!”

Scenes like this are intercut with Sylvia in top form, dropping shocking pieces of gossip at dinner tables.  “Steady on!” an officer/underling warns her.  BWAH HA HAA!  One might as well tell a dog to stop licking its hind quarters!

And all this time, the poor Wannop girl (What an unfortunate last name —  like being “one-upped,” get it?  Geeet it?) must content herself with dodging bombs, teaching plain-faced schoolgirls, and paying frustratingly ineffective visits to Tietjens’ brother.

How great Cumberbatch looks in a military hat!  Is there any other role he can play that would require him to wear a hat or similar?

It’s like Olyphant and the white Stetson.  A very iconic look.  Now, where was she?

Self loves the puffs of frost that emerge from the British soldiers’ lips when they deliver utterances.  Also, Tietjens’ ears are red whenever he is out in the open air.  What attention to detail!  Give the producers an award for such an exacting rendering of bitterest winter!

Oh, bore!  Why does the narrative have to keep showing us Ms. Wannop in her dreary schoolmarm clothes?  Self only wants more of Sylvia and her appalling, shocking, appallingly shocking behavior!  Her kissing the cheeks of commanding generals!  Her wild seduction of her own husband, that stick Christopher Tietjens!  “Your brother refers to me as ‘that whore.’  I haven’t had a man, Christopher, for five years.  More.”  Oh, the heartbreak!  “I broke under your forebearance, under your well-mannered forgiveness.”  Sylvia Tietjens, tragic heroine.  Who knew?  Tietjens turns out to be the cruel one.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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