Excitements: 2nd Friday of March (2013)

The Man has gotten self hooked —  hooked, self says! —  to watching episodes of “Parade’s End”, the Tom Stoppard BBC2 adaptation, back to back, instead of self’s avowed preference for waiting patiently for the weekly installments.

We are now on Episode 4.

Lovely, lovely!

In this episode, we see Mrs. Sylvia T setting the entire British Army on its head over her insistence on seeing her husband, who is serving in Rouen.  Self doesn’t know why her heart breaks every time Rebecca Hall’s (as Mrs Sylvia T) lips curl.

You dolt! self finds herself yelling at the TV.  The “dolt” is of course Cumberbatch/Tietjens.  Cancha see your wife is just expiring with love for you? 

But of course, how could self forget, Tietjens is British!  As such, he must wallow in misery.  That is, until he gets blown up by an incendiary!  And Sylvia and that Blonde Suffragette must then suffer with wan memories of the “noblest man they have ever known”!  Parade’s End shares much with other British depictions of the misunderstood but heroic cuckold, like The Painted Veil.  Or The Scarlet Pimpernel  Accch!  How self laps up these noble British tropes!

In between, we are treated to scenes of great jollity, such as Our Man Tietjens getting so worked up that he immediately sits himself down to —  compose a sonnet!  His adjutant says he can translate said sonnet into Latin “in two minutes.”

Tietjens finally manages to steal away to meet his wife.  Alas!  She’s being pestered by a young buck.  Sylvia, looking about, catches sight of her husband and exclaims: “There’s Christopher!  He’s seen us!  Damn his chivalry!”

“Oh, he might hit me!” says the would-be paramour, ducking his head.

“He’s a gentleman, he doesn’t hit girls like you!” scoffs Mrs. T.


“He’s Jesus Christ of the chivalry” or some such.  More to the point:  “Does Christopher have a girl in this town?”

“Too much of a stick, doesn’t even go to Madame Suzette’s,” responds Girlie Officer.

There is also one very hot almost-sex scene between Mr. and Mrs. Unfortunately, just at the moment when Tietjens grabs his wife and seems about to perform his Manly Duty, two would-be paramours come knocking on Mrs. T’s door and interrupt the proceedings.  Damn them!  Self thought she was about to witness the first Benedict Cumberbatch Sex Scene EVER!

Lah-de-da, lah-de-da!  Among other stellar developments, this afternoon self wandered into Books, Inc. and was slayed, simply slayed upon encountering, in the Mysteries section:

At Books, Inc. today, self's eyes were forcibly drawn to a shelf which happened to display:  xxxxx !!!

Raylan!  Elmore Leonard’s favorite fictional creation!  That’s a very nice still of Timothy Olyphant, right there.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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