Supposedly a Post About Mokutanya

Last night, self’s friend Lowan (the mother of one of son’s best friends in high school) invited self for dinner at Mokutanya in Burlingame.

Lowan is self’s source for all things a) food-related; and b) car-related.

Her two boys are PhD students in UC Davis, her husband is out of town on a business trip, ergo:  Mokutanya on Sunday night.

Self was just about to describe the restaurant’s cute waitresses, the mod glasses one of the waitresses wore (black and red frames, self was dying to ask which store they were from), about the stylish hat worn by another waiter (This one male), and about the restaurant’s Wednesday/Thursday Exotic Meats Menu (Alligator, Wild Boar, Kangaroo, Cocoon, Swan, Buffalo, and various others self doesn’t remember) when she read through the comments left by Kyi on her Anna Karenina posts and just died laughing.  Kyi has read Anna Karenina and has been following self’s progress through the novel.  Because self posted about Anna K’s confession scene, Kyi was moved to comment:

brilliant Tolstoy – the only thing he did not mention was how we move our tongues at the space where a tooth used to be.

Kyi, you kill me!

Self wishes she could elaborate, but has to rush off to Fremont.  Miz Kathleen is here only until tomorrow.  WAAAAH!  But self already warned Miz Kathleen’s sister, Maria, that she would be back to take pictures of a) her collection of succulents; b) her huge wisteria; c) her four dachshunds and three cats; d) her collection of Eiffel Tower art; and her e) her kalachuchi and hibiscus.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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  1. March 4, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    Self, yours is only blog I am reading regularly now. Where can one get a digested Tolstoy and other good reads for free, food, friends, flowers.

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