Stranger Still: Café Irreal 45

There is a story about a baby that self has been pondering for weeks.  Weeks!  Here’s the beginning:

“Worn Smooth by the Passage of Time,” by Jenn Marie Nunes

By boyfriend gives me a baby as a going-away gift.  It is a blue-colored baby.  Looks sort of like a potato and sort of like a piece of sea glass and I am not even sure it is a baby, but that’s what he says when I unwrap it.

“I want you to have this baby,” he says, “to remember me by.”  And he picks up the plastic bag with his shirts and socks and the special set of pints he’s stolen from his favorite bars.

“Thanks,” I say.  I would rather kick him in the shin, but it’s very early in the morning and I haven’t had my coffee yet.”

“Word,” he says and walks out the door.

Read the rest of it here.

What is it with self?  She takes such pleasure in the grotesque.

Do not read the rest of the story if you are the least bit squeamish, dear blog readers.

Stay tuned.

Personal Library # 29: Son’s Room # 10

As far as the book tallying project, self seems to be lost in the thickets of son’s room.  She’s on the shelves above his desk:

1028 + 51 = 1079 Total Books Counted Thus Far

Some of the titles:  Handwriting Analysis:  The Complete Basic Book, by Karen Amend & Mary S. Ruiz;  Against the Shore:  The Best of the Pacific Rim Review of Books, edited by Trevor Carolan and Richard Olafson;  The Cradle, by Patrick Somerville;  Deepening Fiction:  A Practical Guide for Intermediate and Advanced Writers, by Sarah Stone and Ron Nyren;  Handbook of Prayers:  A Complete Treasury of Prayers and Order of Mass, by Charles Belmonte and James Socias;  The Lover, by Marguerite Duras;  Empire, by Orson Scott Card (“Treason only matters when it is committed by trusted men.”);  The Philippines Handbook, by Peter Harper & Laurie Fullerton;  Philippine Speculative Fiction III, edited by Dean Francis Alfar & Nikki Alfar;  Self Potraits 2:  Fourteen Filipina Artists Speak, edited by Thelma B. Kintanar and Sylvia Menendez Ventura; The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.