“Justified” 4.2

Timothy Olyphant gets to bed the bargirl.  This is a very nice set-up.  Five stars!  Soooo glad Winona has taken herself and her everlasting whining into the great hoo-hoo.  But certainly she will return, after Raylan’s baby is born, so that Raylan can complete his evolution as uber-male gunslinger and new father!

But, seriously, it would be so much better if Winona did not return (for at least another season or two) so that Raylan can keep turning on the charm for complete strangers.

Now, the bar scenes.  If self remembers correctly the details of last season, Raylan is conveniently renting the apartment just overhead.  And naturally feels at home in that environment —  so at home in fact that when he assists current GF in re-stocking the bar, he feels comfortable telling a swarthy stranger that the bar is closed.  There is another side of him we’re seeing when he picks up and rights bar stools.  The domestic side (So what if he’s displaying this behavior in a bar?  Tidying up is tidying up.  We love your domesticity, Raylan!)

There is one take-down in this episode, and it involves a kid.  A skinny little kid!  Raylan rightly brushes him off and takes him down, but with humor.  After all, Raylan must conserve his energy and physical prowess for much more dangerous foes.  The kid gets two seconds and the equivalent of a fatherly warning.  “Don’t you ever do that again,” or words to that effect.

Please, can someone nominate this guy for an Emmy already?

Self’s next favorite character in this episode is Ava.  She’s in a bar, in a cheap leather jacket, organizing empty bar glasses.  In a short while, self’s third favorite character in this episode makes an appearance:  it’s a sad-eyed woman with running mascara and a cropped T displaying a none-too-toned stomach.  She begins to read to Ava from a piece of paper on which she has written a prayer about salvation and so forth. Which is interesting because Ava tells her “You’re a whore!  What are you getting mixed up with this preacher stuff for?” (This is just a paraphrase.  Self didn’t get to watch the “Justified” repeats at 11 or 12, she was so tired she just fell dead asleep.  She’s pretty sure about the “whore” part, though.)

Her fourth favorite character is the tall, thin preacher who for some reason reminds self of the lead in the World War II series, “The Pacific.”

He has a mysterious blonde woman in his Church, a woman who looks great in a green dress and a deeper green cardigan, who turns out to be his sister (All the women in this episode are blonde.  All the pretty women, that is.  And though that is of course not reality, it fits perfectly with this genre, with the whole “This is a fantasy of life in Harlan County, Kentucky” thing.  In noir, which self supposes this series is, all the women are blonde, and all of them turn out to be killers.  Well, some are victims.  The prettier ones are killers.  If they brought back Carla Giugino, who made a brief appearance in Season 3, wearing the tightest of pencil skirts, high heels, and a gun, they could break the mold of blonde killers and have a brunette killer instead.  Producers, are you listening?)

Wayne Duffy makes a re-appearance!  To him belong the funniest lines of the night.  He is completely affable, which all true killers are.  At least, all true killers operating within the vicinity of Harlan County.

There was some nonsense about Raylan’s father, Arlo, killing a man while he is in jail.

Self loved the pot-smoking hillbilly family.

Self wished Tim Gutterson aka Former Sniper from Afghanistan had more to do than just look sardonic.  Perhaps he could get bleeding drunk and start smashing up furniture.  In Season 1, she was electrified by his rendition of some character — “a member from Mensa” who goes straight through a windshield and “into the afterlife.”  There was such a throwaway charm about his delivery.  Just to show you how smooth this scene was, it took her a really long time to realize that he was being ironic about the Mensa thing.

Oh!  And Nick Searcy’s character was entertaining some blue-eyed gent who apparently was interested in his job.  No, no, no!  We cannot have another Art Mullen!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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