Items of Note: Yesterday’s San Francisco Chronicle

p. A4, World News:  Ukraine

  • The Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded on Apr. 26, 1986.  It was “the world’s worst nuclear accident.”
  • Since then, at least 28 people have died of acute radiation sickness from close exposure, and more than 6000 cases of thyroid cancer have been detected.
  • The temporary cover over the reactor is called the sarcophagus.  The new cover “will be 843 feet by 492 feet when completed and at its apex will be higher than the Statue of Liberty.”

P. 1 of the Sporting Green:  article by Bruce Jenkins

  • “The Northern California surf season is here . . .  Mavericks broke off the coast of Half Moon Bay last week, at a sort of medium-range size, with the biggest swells yet to come.”
  • Chasing Mavericks is “a surprisingly tolerable Hollywood treatment of the late Jay Moriarty and the Santa Cruz surfing community.”
  • There is a wave in Hawaii known as Peahi (“Jaws”).

Self will keep reading.  Which means:  more posts!

Stay tuned.

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