Reading Prism International 51:1 (Fall 2012) and The Greensboro Review 91 (Spring 2012)

Self wrote a new story this morning.  1,000 words.  She decided to call it “The Forest.”

Then, she dug once again into her Pile of Stuff.  Surfaced with Prism International, Fall 2012.  Opened to the first piece, which happened to be a poem by Kathryn Dillard:


But just as you feel uncertain
of solitude, it keeps you solid.

Oh, self absolutely loved that!

Then, self decided she might as well try another journal, any attempt to reduce the Pile of Stuff is good!  She pulled out The Greensboro Review, No. 91 (Spring 2012). She flipped through the pieces, stopped at a poem by Ramola D that began:

Marking the Fields
for Ned Tanis, 1970 – 1998

For a long time I told myself
I would never write about his death
because it was his death,
I could not use it. I wanted
to keep myself
from becoming
someone I could not recognize,
someone to whom
life or death was merely

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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