Today is Super Super CaliFragilisticExpialidocious!

It was chilly. Before going outside, self had to bundle up in a sweater.

The weather report last night said it was going to rain for the next few days. And, true to form, not a drop fell today.

A few of self’s essential gardening accoutrements 🙂

Self can’t go outside without toting: her journal (bought from Bacolod’s Negros Showroom); her gardening notebook (the one with birds on the cover), in which she lists which plants are blooming, which seem to be suffering, how many buckets she watered, and so forth; her 2006 Nikon Coolpix. She recently bought a newer Nikon from Costco, very reasonable, but that one’s in the closet until the 2006 Coolpix S5 gives up the ghost.

She waited until the end of the day to get on Facebook, and found a nice message from Angela Torres: Rhino 2012, in which self has a short piece, “Eating,” got reviewed in And the reviewer, Mitchell Jarosz, included an excerpt in his review.

Wow! Exciting! Thanks so much, Angela, for sending the link!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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