Quote of the Day: Halloween 2012

You don’t really understand power unless you’ve lived in Bacolod.  At least, self didn’t.

America is about privacy.  The suburbs swallow you up, and you become just like everybody else.  John Lee Hooker, the great R & B/ jazz singer, lived in Redwood City, just blocks from self’s home, and she found out only after he died, in 2001.  This deep privacy can be either a comfort or a form of erasure.

Self’s quote of the day comes from Mongol, a movie about the early life of Genghis Khan, directed by Sergei Bodrov.

(BTW, that was one wiiiild movie, dear blog readers!  Borderline cheesy and over-the-top!  Just the kind of movie self thoroughly enjoys!)

Here was one trenchant line:

Do not scorn a weak cub, for he may become a brutal tiger.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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2 responses to “Quote of the Day: Halloween 2012”

  1. I used to revel in the anonymity of America, it gives you a lot of freedom. But, as I age, I feel this passionate urge to return to my roots. Some relatives here see it as my overwhelming need for attention — ??!! I was kicked around all my life, they say, so now that I’m in a position to do some kicking of my own, I’ve become like the Emily van Camp character in “Revenge.”

    I don’t think I want to trivialize my motives in that way . . . But I decided two years ago not to question my motives. I decided that I’d been paralyzed by self-doubt long enough . . .


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