Yeah, Baby, Yeah!

Woot hoot!  Bacolod is fun again!

Self spent all morning in her room, attempting to work.

She waited until noon to emerge from her nest.

Then she lunched at Café Uma which, along with the Negros Museum Café, is one of her two favorite restaurants in Bacolod.

She was trying to reach 21 so she’d have a way to compare their Extra Special Batchoy with the Café Uma Batchoy, but she got distracted (as usual) and ended up having lunch (crab cakes and mango salad:  Yummm!) at the café.

Brewed Coffee at Café Uma is always served with muscovado and a petite piyaya!

Dessert today was cassava cake and vanilla ice cream.  Heaven!

The cassava cake is to die for!

Afterwards, it was too hot to do anything, so she headed back to her room.  Of course, she first encountered the smiling staff at the front desk:  Pauline, Jessa, Grace, Ferdinand.  All of them have been here since the very first time self visited the hotel:  December, 2010.

They’ve all met Zack.  And anxiously await self’s future visitors —  perhaps sole fruit of her loins?  Perhaps The Man himself?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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