Point and Shoot: Masskara 2012

The music pours over self from the roof.  It seems like the band is yowling, yowling!

And there’s a hard pounding beat that reverberates in self’s chest.

About 11:30 p.m., self decided to brave the street, solo.  After all, she didn’t fly all the way here from California merely to watch the festivities from her room TV!

The lobby was packed full of people trying to buy entry into the rooftop party (Good luck with that!  When self checked, it was wall-to-wall people, starting from the elevators)

Self threaded her way through the crowds.

She doesn’t know at which point she decided to turn back towards the hotel:  Was it when she realized she had just stepped on her 10th or 12th mysterious unmentionable on the pavement?  Was it when a man going in the opposite direction brushed brusquely by her, causing her to lose her balance and almost fall?

Most likely it was the time she felt a flash of heat on her right forearm and realized she’d just come in contact with some fool’s glowing cigarette.  Really, who lights up in a crowd like this?  The man was holding his cigarette at waist level, pointed directly at the passing crowds.  Thereby displaying a truly breathtaking level of both arrogance and stupidity!

In spite of the mayhem, self did manage to take a few pictures:

14th and Lacson, maybe. It’s pretty hard to tell when one is wearing shades.  At night.
Balut?  Or plain ol’ hard-boiled egg?  And mani (peanuts)!
How self loves balloons!

Time, now, to avail of the 24-hour-room service.  She hasn’t had lengua yet, this year, a situation which calls for immediate rectification.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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