Simply Confounding!

Today, prompted by all the Christmas decorations that have been displayed at Costco for the past month, self decided to direct her thoughts towards the future.

For once, this was not about her writing, where is it going, etc

This was about


Self bought two large bags of candy from Grocery Outlet —  pats on the back, they totaled less than $10.

Then, she directed her thoughts towards Thanksgiving.

For weeks —  no, months —  self has been debating whether she should try cooking a whole turkey, or settle for one of those pre-cooked turkey breasts that they sell in Honeybaked Ham (getting further and further away each year:  there used to be a branch in Belmont, that closed.  Then there used to be one in Town & Country shopping center at the corner of Embarcadero and El Camino.  That, too, closed.  Now the nearest Honeybaked store is all the way in south Palo Alto).

There will be no one coming for Thanksgiving.  No one.  Except for self of course, and The Man.  If he happens to be awake.

Therefore, self better take it easy with the orders.  Or she might explode after ingesting all those leftovers.

She has heard of the fabulous deep-fried turkey from Popeye’s.  This delectable item is especially popular among her Filipino friends.  The cost for a whole turkey is around $40.

But, last year, she remembered the long lines of people picking up pre-cooked turkeys at Gracie’s Delectables in San Carlos.  So, this afternoon, she decided to place an order.  Only to be met with this message on their website:



What gives, it is only the first week of October!!!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Fergie’s Pub (Philadelphia) Hosts BlazeVox Publisher and Authors

Come to Fergie’s Pub (1214 Sansom Street, Philadelphia), Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012 to hear six BlazeVox authors:

  • Geoffrey Gatza is the editor and publisher of the small press BlazeVox.  His many books of poetry include House of Forgetting, Secrets of My Prison House, Kenmore:  Poem Unlimited, Not So Fast Robespierre, and HouseCat Kung Fu:  Strange Poems for Wild Children.
  • Robin F. Brox is a poet, book artist, and teacher who lives in Buffalo, NY.  The founder of SauceBox, a performance series turned small press, she produces handmade books and hosts poetry readings featuring women writers.
  • Travis Cebula lives in Golden, Colorado.  He holds an MFA in writing and poetics from Naropa University.
  • Beth Copeland lived in Japan, India, and North Carolina as a child.  Her book, Traveling Through Glass, won the 1999 Bright Hill Press Poetry Book Award.
  • Nava Fader received her Masters degree in Poetics from the University at Buffalo, writing her thesis on the poetry of Adrienne Rich.  She is the author of two chapbooks:  Stonesoup and The Plath Poems.  A school librarian in Buffalo, she is a frequent practitioner of the technique known as “false translation,” including in her 2009 BlazeVox collection, All the Jawing Jackdaw.
  • Jared Schickling is the author of O, submissions, Zero’s blooming excursion, The Pink, and tu lash your nipples to a post history is gorgeous.  He is an editor at Delete Press, and lives in upstate New York.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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