Of Note Today, 4th Sunday of September (2012)

Self deserves pats on the back.  She went to Pamplemousse, got there just as they were closing, and bought this delicious chocolate with amaretto cake:

Pamplemousse Heart Attack Delight with Amaretto (Not Its Real Name, But There Really Is Amaretto In This Thing)

She offered first dibs to The Man, as is her wont as The Dutiful Martyr — er, Wife.  He demurred and said No, No, No.  After dinner, she lost herself (for three hours) in the thickets of grueling grant application.  When she emerged, quite famished, the first place she looked at was the kitchen counter.  No cake.  In the sink was the plate that she’d served the cake on, absolutely clean.  Not even a lick of chocolate left.  Bummer!

But, lest dear blog readers start feeling too depressed on self’s behalf, she also bought four of those salted caramel macarons, and ate them all in one go (while watching Jimmy Kimmel host the Emmy Awards, which were quite entertaining, though not because of Kimmel —  because of the acceptance speeches and the gorgeous gowns!  Among self’s favorites were the presenting duo of Ginnifer Goodwin and Emily van Camp).  And, to tell you the truth, self had absolutely no business buying anything from Pamplemousse, since she’d finished about 15 pieces of extremely oily chicharon bulaklak earlier, and accompanied that with beer, and fried rice.  Her backside is wide like a plank.  She will not send a picture of that.  Instead, here’s a picture of self yesterday:

BED-HEAD! This was the condition of self when she left the house rather early yesterday morning, to head to the San Francisco Palace of the Legion of Honor to catch the “Man Ray/ Lee Miller: Partners in Surrealism” exhibit, which was excellent!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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