Oh, Dad

Self’s dear departed dad passed away a loooong time ago:  February 1993.

When self went home, she kept Dearest Mum company and slept in his bedroom.  His things were lying all about:  his bi-focals, his folded-up newspaper, his pens.

Self must have taken some things home to California with her, for suddenly, rooting around in one of her closets, she finds a cloth drawstring bag.  Inside are three tweed hats.  Self recognizes them immediately, they belonged to Dear Departed Dad!  He liked wearing hats, of the “English gentleman” variety.  All three were made by an English company, Christys London, all handmade in “genuine Harris Tweed.”

Want to see what self looks like wearing one of them?  Here goes!

Wearing Dad’s Cap Made of Genuine Harris Tweed, 100% Wool —  How does self look?

Where would he have worn these, self wonders?  Oh, of course, on one of his trips to Europe.

And now self knows what a Filipina looks like wearing a Harris Tweed cap:  positively comical!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

11:21 pm, First Tuesday of September (2012)

Sudden fat craving, 11:21 p.m.

High cholesterol be damned.

Poor Ancient One lies curled up in the middle of the kitchen floor, her old bones rigid, twisted (like Dearest Mum’s hands, the last time self saw her)

The poem in the Indiana Review (Volume 33, number 2) is a good one:  a translation by Katie Farris and Ilya Kaminsky of Anna Akhmatova, from “Wild Honey is a Smell of Freedom” (Here’s the first verse):

Wild honey has a scent — of freedom
Dust — a scent of sunshine
And a girl’s mouth — of violets.

Today, handwatered:  11 buckets.  While in the middle of this chore, The Man returned from the office, triumphantly bearing a tower of take-out containers:  it turned out he’d gone back to the seafood restaurant where he had the awful scallops yesterday, and made them give him twice the amount, for free.

The trash bins are lined up on the street, awaiting tomorrow’s pick-up.

After dinner, self sat at her desk and had a flash: she ended up writing two pages about a Cyclops.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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