Self and JFK

Self must admit, she doesn’t get the JFK thing.  The fact that he’s always described as “handsome.”

She doesn’t think he was handsome at all.  Well, he did have very good hair.

The latest person to proclaim JFK’s handsomeness is Nora Ephron (who passed away recently, so self should probably say “was” rather than “is”)

She and one of JFK’s flings were White House interns.  Which causes Ephron to wonder why JFK never bothered making a pass at her.  Here are some possible explanations:

Perhaps it’s because I’m Jewish.  Don’t laugh; think about it —  think about that long, long list of women JFK slept with.  Were any of them Jewish?  I don’t think so.

On the other hand, perhaps nothing happened between us simply because JFK somehow sensed that discretion was not my middle name.  I mean, I assure you that if anything had gone on between the two of us, you would not have had to wait this long to find out.


Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Darn! Cloudy (Last Night of August 2012)

This is the best self could do, dear blog readers:

Night View: Moon Through Filigree of Trees

It was chilly.  Self had been peering up at the sky, waiting for a clearer view of the moon.  But, finally, she decided to grab her camera and try for whatever.  Naturally, she didn’t bother to put on shoes.  She could feel the dampness through her socks:  it rained intermittently today.

Something about the swaying tree branches made her think of aswang!  Eeeek!

She beat a hasty retreat inside.

Stay tuned.


Self is anxiously awaiting the arrival of nightfall.  Why?  Of course so that she can take another picture of the moon.  Last night’s picture, which she posted, got —  OMG — sooo many views!

While self waits with bated breath for the arrival of nightfall, she decides to browse through Herminia Meñez’s Explorations in Philippine Folklore (Published by Ateneo de Manila University Press) in the hope that she will encounter some moon-related Philippine superstitions with which to spice up her forthcoming post.  Dear blog readers, there are probably moon superstitions explicated somewhere in Meñez’s book, but self never found them because she was so distracted by the tales of ingkantos and kulam and sad women (Women never seem to fare well, at least not in the folktales recounted in this book.  There is one very sad tale about a woman named Juanita who had two lovers and who was split in two while waiting at a well.  The tale, instead of ending with Juanita’s sad demise, continues with the depiction of her funeral procession, which featured two coffins —  one coffin for each half of her.  Gulp!  So she really WAS split in two!)

The other text self is currently immersed in is Nora Ephron’s humorous collection of essays, I Feel Bad About My Neck.  In one essay (the one self is currently reading), a mild-mannered professor and a neighbor of his, who happens to be an accountant, get into it over a bike.  It seems that the professor was given to absent-mindedly leaving his bike in the hallway or vestibule outside his apartment, and the sight of his bike so casually abandoned infuriated this accountant so much that he took to picking up the bike and depositing it directly in front of the professor’s door, thereby blocking the entrance (or exit, depending on which way you are headed — out, or in.  No matter, shall we continue?).

One day, the professor had just abandoned his bike in the hall (or vestibule), in his usual casual and messy fashion, when the accountant appeared and began to move the bike towards the professor’s front door.  All of this was witnessed by a third person, the nosy writer Nora Ephron, who waited with bated breath, peering through the glass of her own front door.  No sooner had the accountant laid a hand on the bike, however, than the professor flung open his door and began shouting at him.  A loud altercation ensued, which resulted in the professor slugging the accountant.  The police were called.  Ephron’s response:  “It was incredibly exciting.”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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