Things Learned (Thus Far in 2012)

British Airways is a pretty good airline. Six out of the seven flights self took with them this summer were on time. Also, the pilots are cool. One kept up a running report on the progress of the Wimbledon Men’s Final. Once, self thinks she even heard the pilot say, after Federer won the second set, “Come on, Murray!”

“Magic Mike” is a pretty good movie. It is so fascinating to self that one of the most exhibitionist strippers was the Latino-looking dude self knows only from years and years of watching “CSI: Miami” (It also amuses self to recall that the star of that program, David Caruso, once upon a time was famous for baring his butt in an episode of NYPDB Blue.  Which he then followed up with even more butt-baring in a “steamy thriller” with once-upon-a-time Queen of Sultry Linda Fiorentino)  Also, self was quite dismayed to learn that Matthew McConaughey, despite still having a fabulous chest, has absolutely NO BUNG.

Delta Airlines is truly a lousy airline. Today, self read in the Wall Street Journal that “sewing needles were found in sandwiches served in business class cabins on four different Delta flights, to U.S. from Amsterdam. A passenger on one of the flights was injured but declined medical treatment upon embarking.” How can self ever forget her Delta Airlines trip, last year, when two hours out of Tokyo the jet had to turn back because of a bad stink in one of the lavatories, and ended up having to dump thousands of gallons of jet fuel in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (Airplanes cannot arrive in airports fully loaded, it seems. This is for precautionary measures)

The French are different from you and me.

The Dutch are different from you and me and the French.

There are twice as many bicycles than there are cars in Amsterdam.

Self’s MacBook Air has slown down.

Self’s desktop MacMini has also slown down.

Our land line is bust.

Mark (Mad Dog) Madsen is now Assistant Coach of the Stanford Men’s Basketball Team. Self really hopes the team gets in the show in March 2013.

California in July is very, very hot.

Las Vegas in July is very, very hot.


Self is very cognizant of the fact that she is in a weird place called California.

She is very cognizant of this fact because:

  1. It is HOT.  As in HAWWTTT!  As in, melt-your- Read the rest of this entry »

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