Fantastic! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Do you know, dear blog readers, the gardens around Hawthornden are heartstoppingly beautiful.  Already, just in one morning’s peregrinations, self has observed the following:

  • 2 blooming clematis montana rubens (Self has one of these in her front yard.  It blooms without fail every April, but it is pretty scrawny compared to the two here)
  • a flowering magnolia tree
  • big hostas
  • numerous flowering (purple) rhododendrons (massive, practically trees)
  • Pieris, many (also massive)
  • Roses (None blooming yet: Self must say, the buds look rather skimpy)
  • Ajuga (blooming)
  • Ferns (Giant)
  • Ferns (miniature, sprouting from stone)

    Ferns and Moss on a stone bench encountered on today’s walk past the (North) River Esk

  • Gorse
  • Many, many espaliered apple trees
  • Horses Draped in Blankets Against the Cold

Self, have you lost your mind?  Horses draped in blankets are not, nor ever shall be, considered Garden Accoutrements!


(Self finds it curious that she still hasn’t come across a single hydrangea.  Next to roses, hydrangeas are her favorite flowering bush.  But she’s also gotten an idea for what to plant in her other big Chinese jar that’s been languishing empty in her back yard:  ferns!)

Self would also like to share with dear blog readers that she just got word that another of her short pieces has just found acceptance.  It’s called “Wavering,” and it’s the only 9/11 story she’s ever managed to write.

Happy happy joy joy.  Happy joy joy joy.

My Dears!

To have gone, in just a few days, from this . . .

View from Cañada College, Redwood City, California

To this . . .

Terminal 5, Gate A19, Heathrow Airport, London

To this can be pretty exhausting, self’s just saying . . .

View from self’s bedroom at “the Castle”, southern Scotland

Only the second day in Scotland, and self’s already had haggis!  The husband teased her mercilessly about this, but it turned out she liked it.  (It’s not even remotely like dinuguan, dear blog readers.  Which is our own Filipino blood stew)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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