Book Reviews of The Economist, Issue 28 April 2012

Books self is exceedingly interested in reading, after perusing the book reviews in The Economist of 28 April 2012:

Farther Away:  Essays, by Jonathan Franzen

Late in 2010, after spending months promoting his latest novel, Freedom, Jonathan Franzen decided to cut himself off from the world and take a break.  He opted for a rocky outcrop deep in the South Pacific, 500 miles from Chile, called by the locals Mas afuerta —  farther away.  Along with his camping gear he packed a copy of Robinson Crusoe and some of the ashes of his friend and literary rival, David Foster Wallace, who had committed suicide two years earlier.

Immortality:  the Quest to Live Forever and How It Drives Civilization, by Stephen Cave (No explanation needed as to why self would find such subject fascinating)

Mr. Cave’s chief argument against the desirability of living forever (even assuming it is possible) is the familiar one of boredom (Wonderful argument!)

Bon Voyage for a few days, dear blog readers.  Next stop:  Edinburgh!

Stay tuned.

The Letter

In the mail today, one form rejection, this one from Arroyo Literary Review.

Much earlier, a letter came from H_____:

I am writing to confirm that I am expecting you to take up your fellowship  . . .   and that I can pick you up from Waverley Station or Edinburgh airport.

Also, self now has in her possession the Castle A-Z.

Beneath the castle is “a network of Pictish caves.”  Luisa said there was a Being From Beyond in her room.  Self asked if the Being were a child.  “Those are the worst,” self told Luisa.  “Child ghosts are reaaaally creepy.”  Luisa professes not to remember exactly, except that the wraith was sitting at the foot of her bed.

Eeeek, eeeek, DOUBLE EEEEEEEK!

Let’s see:  self is in engaged in filling two teensy suitcases.  Can she still manage to squeeze in a few copies of her books?  She believes in traveling light.  To spare her neck and shoulders.

She will miss The Ancient One, very very much.  The old crit knows self is leaving.  She knows.  She follows self around with large, melting eyes.  She refuses to go to hubby when he calls, preferring to stick by self.  This behavior is downright weird.  The Ancient One knows.

Self e-mailed Drew:  Are we still on for August?  He answered right away:  Yes, I’m still planning to come and spend a few days in your house!

Another EEEEK moment:  self’s house needs major overhaul.  Thank God, self recently had the leak in the spare bathroom fixed.

Drew and self will be working on “The Work,” otherwise known as “The Opera.”  Sorry, self was sworn to secrecy and cannot divulge more.

Self has cuts on her right hand.  Alas, that is the hand that self will need to have in tip-top shape, as self relies on it for hauling her suitcases off the Baggage Claim conveyor belt.  She has no idea exactly how or when she incurred these cuts, though they can only have resulted from gardening.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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