First Redwood City Farmers Market of 2012!

The Redwood City Farmers Market re-opened two or three weeks ago, but today was the first Saturday that self was actually able to make it over.


The sun was shining, it was a warm day, and there was Julie, the Vietnamese lady, with her bags of oranges.

Self searched for cilantro, but since it was already close to noon, no cilantro was left.

It’s OK!  Self was just happy to be alive!  And at the Farmer’s Market!

And then self went home.  And, as it happened, the husband was avidly watching a European soccer match, Chelsea (England) against a German team (Munich?).  Chelsea won on a penalty kick, and afterwards the husband, who had consumed a whole bottle of wine, so worked up was he by the heroics of the Chelsea team, fell conveniently asleep, and self was able to revise a 32-page story before he woke up.

Well, actually, self finally had to prod him awake around 6 p.m., because she needed him to tell whether the fresh salmon she bought yesterday should be broiled or steamed.  Besides which, if she had let him sleep until 9 or 10 p.m., he’d have been up all night, and self reserves the night-time hours just for herself, and would be in a veeeery bad mood if he kept interrupting her.

You see how this marriage works, dear blog readers?  It has been engineered to provide self with the maximum amount of writing time, and so far self would consider it pretty successful, for she’s managed to complete four or five books, three of which are published.  And that’s despite the fact that she raised son almost single-handedly, for visits from her family were few and far between, and besides she had no maids.  And the husband was always working.  So self attended an inordinate amount of Mothers Club meetings (After all those years attending Mothers Club meetings, it really is too bad that self only managed to get one story out of them:  “Restraining Order,” which was published in the on-line journal of the Santa Fe Writers Project), and one year she felt so intrepid that she actually volunteered to be Field Trip Mom.  This was a lot of fun, until one stressful day when the third grade boys all decided to go bananas in the public toilet of a museum, and self had to scream at them, but nobody listened until Mrs. Stevens came storming in and yelled, in a voice 5x louder than self’s:  THAT’S ENOUGH!  ALL OF YOU, GET OUT!

The next week, self submitted her resignation as Field Trip Mom.

And now, self has wandered away from the ostensible subject of this post, and it takes her a minute or two to remember . . . oh yes!  The 32-page story!

Because, nowadays, everyone wants you to submit on-line, she sent the 32-page story out immediately, to about three different magazines.

Oh what an efficient woman is self!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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