Facebook: To Buy or Not to Buy, That is the Question

Self is reading a Wall Street Journal that is over a week old.  So the following information is probably out of date.  But when the nice young man who cut self’s hair last Thursday (and made her look pretty, for all of one day) wondered aloud whether he should or should not invest in shares of Facebook, self felt she must pause to consider this phenomenon.

Much as she understands how really nice it would be if Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire before he turns or has turned 28, she thinks it behooves dear blog readers to weigh carefully the pros and cons of whether or not to invest in Facebook stock.  And that is where an article like the one self read just now, in the Wall Street Journal, can be of immense help.


Of course, everyone wants the latest piece of technology.  Why d’you think self caved in and, over seven months after turning in her HTC Droid to Verizon and going back to using her plain old cell phone, she yesterday went back for more and purchased an iPhone?  She spent most of today puzzling over how to download apps and how to get really cool ringtones downloaded from the internet.

According to the writer of the aforementioned Wall Street Journal article, Rolfe Winkler (What a great name Rolfe is!  Sounds like something one might want to name a Rottweiler.  Self simply must find a way to use this name in a story)

Here are the cons of buying Facebook stock:

  • “Facebook has had trouble getting its mobile act together.  Its app for smartphones isn’t designed well …  It took 18 months after the release of the iPad for Facebook to deliver an app for the tablet.”
  • “In the stock market, over-hyped generally means over-bought.
  • “Many recent tech IPOs —  Groupon, Zynga, Pandora Media and others — have seen shares fall well below earlier levels.”

And here are some of the Pros:

  • “Even though Facebook ads can be poorly placed, often irrelevant and feel spammy . . .  it is impressive that the company still managed to generate $3.2 billion of ad revenue last year, 85% of its total …  Facebook only began this year to allow ads directly in user’s news feeds, and to permit advertisers to pay to make sure their ads are seen by those they wish to reach.”
  • “Its operating margin of 43% over the past 12 months bested even Google’s.”

Read enough?  Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

P. S.  —  A form rejection appeared in her e-mail today, from the Colorado Review.  My, it is terribly windy!  And Dearest Mum is somewhere in the vicinity.

To Read This Post, You Must Have a Strong Stomach for Cheese (of the Television Kind)

Read no further, dear blog readers, unless you (like self) are a “Revenge” aficionado.  That is, someone who has a predilection for:

  • Madeleine Stowe’s performance as luscious, wicked Victoria Grayson
  • Emily VanCamp playing revenge goddess Emily Thorne/ Amanda Clarke (Self adored her nail polish in tonight’s episode:  pale pink innocence — red would have been a dead giveaway:  as everyone knows, or should know, revenge goddesses must always fly “under the radar.)”
  • the fly-away blonde do of Gabriel Mann who plays billionaire tech nerd Nolan Ross
  • the hunkiness of whoever that guy is who portrays Jack Porter

“Revenge” is the ne plus ultra of television cheese.  Only a show like this could get away with having a major character spew into a phone:  “Yeah, I got your message, you son of a bitch!”

Or this exchange:

Victoria Grayson:  “Agent xxx, why isn’t my ex-husband in jail?”

Agent:  “But Mrs. Grayson, we can’t construct a case solely on hearsay.”

Victoria Grayson:  “Well, I’m afraid you’ll have to.”

Changes on the show:

  1. Charlotte is getting mousier.  Self prefers her in wild, pill-popping mode.
  2. Jack Porter is getting hunkier:  Tonight’s episode had him lavishing caresses on his ailing Labrador (Classic ploy to get female viewers all gooey-eyed!  But it works!)
  3. Where is James Purefoy???  Self wants more of those delicious love scenes between Mr. Purefoy and Madeleine Stowe (Victoria Grayson)!
  4. Declan appears to have a new flirt buddy!  Self is not surprised, especially after seeing how earnest and mousy Charlotte’s become!  She even organizes a family group therapy session, for heaven’s sake!  And she expects Declan to welcome her with open arms after she informed him (or maybe it wasn’t Charlotte, maybe it was someone else) that her parents had to bribe her private school to get Declan admitted:  he’d flunked the entrance exam.

Other stand-out dialogue:

Ex-Husband to Victoria Grayson:  “You look like a demonic succubus.”

*     *     *     *

VG to Lydia (ex-friend and her ex-husband’s current mistress):  I’m sorry things haven’t worked out between us.

Lydia:  You held me hostage in Grayson Manor after your hired henchman threw me off the roof of my own apartment.

*     *     *     *

Victoria Grayson (at evening session arranged by Charlotte’s therapist):  Dear Charlotte, I’m glad that you’re taking your counseling so seriously.  But I need you to stop demonizing me and lionizing your father.

(After a few more tart back-and-forths)

Charlotte:  Mom, what have you done now?

Victoria:  Nothing I wouldn’t do again.

Charlotte:  Nothing in this house is gonna change.  The only thing you can do is leave.  (Promptly leaves)

*     *     *     *

The only character in this series who leaves self glassy-eyed with boredom is that sissy rich boy, Daniel Grayson.  Every time he’s on-screen, self’s eyelids start to droop.

She wishes Nolan Ross would engage in a wild, flaming love affair!  Man or woman, it makes no difference!  Let’s see those luscious lips engaged!

Most of the wickedly good lines in this episode belonged to Madeleine Stowe (Victoria Grayson) and Henry Czerny (her ex).

There was a totally unexpected lip lock between Emily VanCamp’s Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke, and Jack Porter.  Over the body of the dying Labrador.  As is the case with all lip locks in this series, there was a witness:  the preternaturally poised party planner Ashley, who’s got an ax to grind with Emily/Amanda because Emily/Amanda’s boyfriend, Daniel, is still alive, while Ashley’s boyfriend, Tyler, is deader than a doornail after having been shot in the back during a party.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Scoreboard: 3rd Wednesday of May 2012

Yesterday, self got two pieces accepted.  Well, both pieces were included on one file that she sent off in December 2012.  Still, it made her feel miiighty fine!  So fine that she immediately decided to enter the Indiana Review 1/2 K Contest (for fiction under 500 words).  She spent a couple of hours mulling over which pieces to send, then decided on two.

Today, she got three rejections:  one from Prairie Schooner (form), for a story she sent them in November 2011.  That’s actually much nicer than getting a rejection five days after she mailed it, which happened to her one year, and successfully staunched any desire she had to submit to Prairie Schooner, for the next five years.  She broke down last year.

Another was from The Southern Review, for a story she sent them in January of this year.

And the last rejection wasn’t really a rejection, more an announcement:  She joined the Willow Springs Fiction Contest, in January.  She didn’t place, much less win.  But at least she gets a year’s subscription.

Let’s see, looking at last year’s sendouts, she’s still waiting to hear back from five places:  American Letters & Commentary (sent a piece in late December); Denver Quarterly (sent a piece in November); Harper‘s (Hope springs eternal!  Sent a piece in November); New Letters (sent a piece in November); and The Yale Review (sent a piece at the end of December).

She’s received (so far in 2012), four form rejections.  She’s had a number of “nice” (i.e., personalized) rejections.  So, she still feels pretty buoyed by her rate of acceptances (three so far this year)!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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