Happy Mother’s Day, All!

Jennie gave self these when she was up visiting with son, a few weeks ago.  Self put them into a larger pot, just today.  She snapped these photographs in the kitchen.  Even though her camera is Jurassic (circa 2005) and very much prone to dying unexpectedly, self clings to it.  It can still amaze her sometimes, with pictures like these.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Today, Saturday, the 12th of May 2012: A List of “Firsts”

Today, while browsing the web, self saw a close-up of Vladimir Putin’s face, and he looked tragic:  that is, there were tears, actual tears, running down his cheeks.  Self wondered if this meant he had been deposed.  But no —  he was so emotional because the Russian people were so emotional, demonstrating in the streets to display their dissatisfaction with his leadership.  What a sensitive guy! (Turns out the photo isn’t new.  It was released back in March)

Is it just self, or are Russian males really that hyper-emotional?  Self thinks, for example:  Dostoyevsky.  Tolstoy.  Wait:  aren’t Russian women just as hyper-emotional?  And, if you think about it, so are Filipino women.  And Filipino men.  And — CUT IT OUT, self!  NOW!

Also, today, self saw her first Joss Whedon movie in what seems like  an eternity.  Do you know, dear blog readers, “The Avengers” is a very cool movie.  It has just the right mix of light-heartedness and action.  Self’s favorite line is when Loki says, “I’m listening!”  To fully appreciate this line, one would have to hear it uttered in an icy British accent, like Tom Hiddleston’s.  Tom Hiddleston is a pretty slender guy to be playing a comic book antagonist, but it’s OK.  Self admits to a feeling (almost) of relief that there was not one continuous display of beefcake.  Staring at the humongous pecs of Captain America, Thor, and The Hulk can be quite exhausting, one needs the relief of thin Bad-Ass Loki.  Especially because he has such sensitive eyes.  And spends about half the time strutting around in a Reindeer Helmet with Super-Long Horns.  One feels for him because he has a brother like Thor.  Thor gets the Super Hammer, and all Loki gets are the Super-Long Reindeer Horns.  Thor was born to rule, and Loki was born to create mischief.  Which would you rather be?

Really, how could anyone fail to see how talented Whedon is at injecting comic book heroes with humanity?  This was a movie that had self actually applauding for the ScarJo character.  And applauding, too, for the “new Hulk” (Mark Ruffalo, who unseated Ed Norton).  And she thinks there should be more Whedon on the big screen.  And more of Chris Evans too, of course.  And more of Downey.  Self actually thought Chris Hemsworth was worthy of the company.  And that girl who is in “How I Met Your Mother” —  self always wondered when this actress would hit the big time.  Mebbe her small but crucial role here will make a difference.

In other developments:  The Ancient One’s vet called.  Two days ago, he had ordered a full panel of blood tests and a urine test to be conducted on the poor Ancient One, and today he was calling with the results.  Turned out her blood tests were all normal.  She doesn’t have any ailments whatsoever.  Which makes her — probably —  healthier than self.

And, hmm, let’s see:  self googled the following literary magazines and discovered that they were not reading fiction submissions as of this moment:  Bellingham Review, Iron Horse Literary Review, and Grist Journal.

Oh!  Self also had her first taste of a Goldilocks siopao.  Five stars!

And this was the first time in months that she saw a movie without first getting a couple of caramel salt macaroons from Pampelmousse.

And those are all the firsts self can think of at the moment.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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