Good Morning, Wednesday

This morning, early, self:

  1. Watered the backyard.
  2. Deduced that today was cooler than yesterday.
  3. Looked up, on Wikipedia, a list of all the literary awards in America.

From 48 Laws of Power, she selected a page at random and read:

. . .  it is better to let your enemies destroy themselves, if such a thing is possible, than to make them suffer by your hand.

She swears, Green sometimes makes her laugh so hard she has to wait a minute or two before she can proceed.

Is it his implacability?

Or is it the (not-so-secret) relish that oozes from sentences like the ones below?

Whatever.  She’ll let dear blog readers judge for themselves.

When you have someone on the ropes, then —  but only when you are sure they have no chance of recovery — you might let them hang themselves . . .  The result will be the same, and you won’t feel half as bad.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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