Weekend Status Report (Monday, 7 May 2012)

In a little while, self plans to:

  1. Drop off a bag of used clothing at Goodwill on Santa Cruz Avenue
  2. Mail something to The Antioch Review (Hope springs eternal), and
  3. Pick up clothes from the dry-cleaners.

Why she feels the urge to get all of these things done right now, when she has to return to Menlo Park later anyway, to see her dentist, is really mysterious, but self never questions the decisions she makes when she is just hoppin’ full of energy!  Like, right now!

Let’s see, what did self do last weekend (aside from purchasing a really fab pair of shell earrings from the Mountain View Art & Wine Festival)?

  • Developed a fancy for the Reading Room at The Threepenny Review website.  Even though self has had nothing accepted by The Threepenny Review in the last decade, she still thinks this literary magazine is one of the best.
  • She saw the new Jason Statham movie, “Safe” (Grrreat.  No review necessary:  we all know what a successful Jason Statham movie is like.  There will be plenty of bang-bang and also the obligatory emotional low, to be followed by the kick-butt high!  Result:  Total Viewer Contentment and Satisfaction)
  • She got a form rejection (in her e-mail) from Ninth Letter (It feels like she’s been trying to get into this one forever).
  • She got an SASE (another form rejection) from American Literary Review.
  • She wrote out a check to send to Calyx.
  • She walked The Ancient One, who seemed quite spry and happy.
  • She spoke to a neighbor on the corner about his flowers.
  • She saw another ladybug in her garden (and four long, slimy things — with legs —  that she determined to be some kind of reptile:  lizards, probably)
  • Finished off a whole bottle of Vlasic Sweet Gherkins —  in two days.  Even the husband felt compelled to make a remark.

All in all, it was quite a successful weekend.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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