“All the Missing” : PHOEBE, Spring 2012

Self confesses a particular fondness for this piece, which begins:

They’re alive, all of them.

One day they’ll present, alive and well.

They’ll be older, a few might even have their first gray hairs.

They’ll come out of tents, or basements, or caves, or wherever it is they’ve been kept, all these years.

Their names are Ilene, Michaela, Polly, Sandra.

Self should have written about this publication sooner.  But since January she’s been to India, Bacolod, and DC.  Soon, she’ll be in Scotland.

Too many things:  time telescopes, The Ancient One pants, and still the roses manage to survive, even bloom.

In this issue of Phoebe are stories by Toni Mirosevich (“Crackhead”) and Sean Carswell (“Another Beauty”), artwork by Warren Craghead III (His drawings are cryptic, mysterious, playful, wonderful), poetry by E. Marie Bertram, Kyle McCord, Michael Homolka, Nate Pritts and Zach Savich, and nonfiction by George Such.

There are others, many others.  But self hasn’t finished reading their pieces yet.  She will blog about them as soon as she does.

Self will close with a few lines from E. Marie Bertram’s poem:

“from The Vanishing of Camille Claudel

In the famous sepia portrait of me, I’m nineteen — hair disheveled, lace draping
my throat.

It was 1884.

As he developed the image, the photographer — what does it mean to have a name? — made use, in a dark room, of the black fluid secreted by cuttlefish in defense as he translated me from body into ghost.

About the writer:  E. Marie Bertram completed her MFA in poetry, along with a Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies from Washington University in St Louis.  She is the author of eight chapbooks, including The Vanishing of Camille Claudel (forthcoming from Seven Kitchens Press)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

“The Raid: Redemption” — Definitely Five Stars!

Through sheer happenstance, today self was reading Eric D. Snider’s review of “The Lucky One” when she developed the impulse to look up all his “D” reviews.  She then decided to look up all his “B+” movies, which she then posted.  So, when the husband was in his next bad mood, self was ready with a plan of action, which involved looking at screening times for all the movies showing in her locality, which ultimately led to her to discover that one of Eric D. Snider’s “B+” movies, “The Raid:  Redemption,” was actually showing in the Century 20 of Redwood City, which practically knocked her for a loop, she didn’t believe at first the evidence of her own eyes, because:  a) The movie was from Indonesia, who ever heard of a movie from Indonesia showing in a Century 20??!! and b) Self had never heard of it until she read Eric D. Snider’s blog this afternoon.

But, faster than the husband could say “tiddleywinks,” self took off, and caught the movie just as the opening credits began to roll.   And about halfway through the movie —  which is about 90 minutes long —  self made the amazing discovery that:

The lead reminded her a lot of Barry Pepper!

Remember the guy in “Saving Private Ryan,” the one who plays the sharpshooter?  That’s Barry Pepper!

The actors even had the same kind of jug ears!

Of course, the guy in this Indonesian movie had black hair, and a swarthier complexion, but they had the same high cheekbones, the same sort of upside-down-triangle sort of face, and even the same kind of intensity.

Moreover, the Indonesian actor proves to be absolutely wicked with his fists.  Move over, Jet Li!  There’s a new action star on the horizon, and he’s Indonesian!  His name is Iko Uwais, which is thankfully not as long a name as it could be:  self has taught some students from Indonesia with names that were at least three times as long!


Not only does this guy (he plays a member of a SWAT police team) take out approximately 100 bad guys in a 15-floor tenement building, he does it all for the sake of his pregnant wife, who is due to deliver A BOY (!!) within two months.  Self cannot describe the excitement with which she watched him drag a wounded comrade down a hallway absolutely crammed with bad guys (All the bad guys were wearing the standard Asian bad-guy attire:  nondescript T-shirts, baggy pants, a whole arsenal of guns and/or machetes —  or what we Filipinos refer to as bolos).  Self almost fainted, until she watched this young guy let loose with the whirling fists.  Afterwards, the hallway was littered with bodies —  well, actually, corpses.  The young man manages to get his wounded comrade to safety, by knocking on the door of perhaps the only apartment in the entire building whose inhabitant, a nerd-y type wearing glasses (most likely an engineer), is the only one brave enough to open his door to the police!

This movie was heck-of-exciting.  Self was under the impression she was the only female in the (sparse) audience, but when she stood up to go, there was a young woman (in a flowery print dress) following right behind her —  and, like self, unaccompanied.

The world is just full of surprises!

CAVEAT:  The movie earns every bit of its “R” rating.  It is gruesome, gruesome, gruesome.  Self was so glad she was watching it by herself, so she wouldn’t have to listen to the husband groan.  (She left him at home watching “Aliens.”  For some reason, the husband doesn’t find “Alien” or “Predator” levels of gruesome at all hard to take.  She is 100% sure, though, that he would be moaning all through “The Raid:  Redemption”)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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