Accomplished: Post-Bacolod, Week 1

  • Called Kathleen B, just back from her own Magical Philippine Memory Tour
  • Got Super-Nice Rejection from The Paris Review.
  • Learned that a tornado hit Bacolod on the day she left.
  • Learned that Niece G was in Arizona recently, with her parents and younger brother Chris.
  • Learned that northern California in early April is still cold.
  • Learned that Jeremy Lin had surgery recently.
  • Perused Nicholson Baker novels in local Barnes & Noble.
  • Saw Niece G in the City yesterday evening. Ate at Indian restaurant on Valencia (Udupi Palace, 1007 Valencia: they only take cash).  Discovered Modern Times moved to a new location (According to niece, years ago).  Told Niece about her adventures in Bir and Dharamsala. Sprang for bill, which came out to a grand total of $11.83 (This was a main dish —  vegetable/pineapple chapati w/ three kinds of curry, and a small bowl of lentil soup — and two desserts)

Niece G, Wednesday Evening, at Udupi Palace on Valencia Street, San Francisco

  • Began revising an old story, “Ambition.”
  • Sent out xx stories.  Self forgets exactly how many.  But it feels like she sent out a lot.
  • Re-wrote pig story.
  • Sent author bio to another magazine.
  • Watched “Animal House” (last night).  Was reminded of how pretty Brooke Allen was.  And how cute Tim Matheson was.  And how hilarious John Belushi was.
  • Cleaned the bathroom.
  • Went to Costco, purchased ground beef, Nyquil cold pills, Salonpas.
  • Made for dinner: chicken curry; ground beef and tofu (Korean-style); chicken stir-fried with asparagus
  • Dropped by Pampelmousse, successfully avoided buying more than one coconut macaroon.
  • Saw “The Hunger Games.”  Grade:  B
  • Watched penultimate episode of “Justified.”  Grade:  B
  • Did three loads of laundry.
  • Fertilized camellias, clematis, ferns, hydrangeas, roses.
  • Swept away all the dog hair and dust balls from the kitchen, dining room, and living room.
  • Paid a bill.
  • Deposited an author payment check, HOORAY!
  • Checked Facebook at least once a day. Chatted with Margarita Donnelly.  Who sounds as chipper as ever (Margarita is attending a Poetry Concord in May!)
  • Lost her favorite pair of earrings. Bought a new pair for $12.
  • Researched when next new episode of “Revenge” is set to air:  April 18, YAY!
  • Watched “1000 Ways to Die” (aka the Stupidest Show on Television). The husband was laughing so hard, self didn’t have the heart to demand that he change the station.
  • Watched Stanford women’s basketball team get trounced by Baylor in the NCAA semi-finals.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Congratulations to Timothy Olyphant! Successfully Launched the Longest Sentence Ever Uttered on Television

Self thinks she has heard the longest sentence ever uttered on TV, last night while watching “Justified.”

There were a couple of things that self thought were very encouraging about last night’s episode.

  • Ava was back —  in a big way.  Still not in sexy mode, though.  Guess the producers decided to leave all the “siren” stuff to Winona.  Ava gets locked up in a closet.  Self missed the scene where she (undoubtedly) caused major mayhem before being subjected to such an indignity. Her reaction upon her rescue is very under-played.  Why is it that as soon as she moved in with Boyd Crowder, her previous sultriness went flying out the window ?
  • The two skanky girls were back, having a riotous good time.
  • There was a mullet.  Belonging to a minor character.
  • And now to the longest sentence self has ever had the honor of listening to, on a television show.  Honors go to Timothy Olyphant, for displaying almost supernatural (i.e. Shakesperean) breath control. (If you don’t know what self is talking about, just go and watch Derek Jacobi in a Shakesperean role, there have got to be a few clips of him on YouTube. Or of Anthony Hopkins), while simultaneously maintaining a tone of warm geniality throughout the entire utterance.  After he had finished, self quite Read the rest of this entry »

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