Returning: Adrienne Rich R.I.P. and Other News

The husband paid all of self’s bills while she was away.  Thanks much, honey!

Bella the Ancient One is visibly thinner, but still able to walk and wag her tail energetically.  Hooray!

Self found a rejection letter on the top of her pile of mail.  It was from The Paris Review.  She was about to toss when she noticed handwriting.  Actual black ink.

Oh my goodness!

The note said:

Dear Marianne,

We enjoyed xxxxx very much and would like to see more of your work.

Please keep us in mind for future submissions.


(Undecipherable Scrawl)

It was her first submission to The Paris Review in about a decade.  She screwed up her courage because she knew she’d be leaving soon for Bacolod, and rejections sting much less when she gets them while she is there.

Happy happy joy joy.  Happy happy joy joy.

Self learned, somewhat later, that Adrienne Rich, feminist poet, has passed away, at the age of 82.

About the only other news was that Stanford men’s basketball team won the NIT, the tournament for all the teams that didn’t make it into the NCAA.  Yay!  Self has high hopes for the team next year.

The Hunger Games is showing.  Self made a valiant attempt to finish reading the McEwan novel on the plane home, but wound up spending most of her time reading the Asian Wall Street Journal and watching The Marine and The Golden Compass.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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